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New! Sen'jin Fetish and Mechanopeep

March 18, 2009
Sen'jin Fetish and Mechanopeep
NEW Pets! We've been expecting these latest additions ever since their names and icons first appeared on the PTR. Now we can finally see the new Mechanopeep and Sen'jin Fetish in all of their glory. The Mechanopeep, which will be the first Argent Tournament pet that gnomes can obtain, is a mini version of the Red Mechanostrider mount. It comes complete with noxious smoke and incessant mechanical sounds. Quick, order yours today!

But wait... there's more. If you call within the next 4 minutes, we'll throw in the Sen'jin Fetish for free (just pay shipping and handling). This pet will be available first to trolls. It's a cool floating mask pet that, when summoned, assumes one of three different forms and plays Jungle Madness music (click here to see it in action).
Posted by Sateena
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