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Developer Updates On Pet Battles

August 17, 2012
As the release of MoP draws closer, Pet Battles is steadily getting refined and updated. Developers are still working on improving mechanics and features of this new mini-game, and here are the latest updates from the beta.

Healing and Reviving Pets
The cooldown on the ability to heal and revive your pets has been reduced by another 2 minutes, making it castable every 8 minutes.

In sticky situations where a Stable Master can't be found and your Revive Battles Pets spell is still on cooldown, Battle Pet Bandages will be available from the Pet Tamer dailies. These bandages have had their droprate and the stack limit increased. [source]

Duplicate Companions
Players will be able to have multiple versions of the same pet, but there are some exceptions. [source]

The only pets that are flagged as unique are in the categories listed below. This can of course change at any time, but this is what we are looking at for MoP release currently.

  • Achievement Pets
  • Blizzard Pet Store Pets
  • Promotional Pets
  • Guild Pets

Everything else will be allowed up to 3x of the same pet.

Unless your companion falls under the unique categories listed above, you will be able to keep more than one of the same pet in your Pet Journal.

There is still currently a hard cap of 500 total pets that includes duplicates. However, at the launch of MoP accounts with more than 3 of the same non-unique pet will be allowed to go over this limit. [source]

The limit is 500 but players will be allowed to exceed that during the launch transition. Once you drop back under it, you won't be able to go back over.

To better clarify, here are two examples of duplicate companions. [source]

A account has a total of 6 Wolvar Pups across all of it's characters. On merge the account would have 6 Wolvar Pups. This would be the only time an account is allowed to have more than 3x of a single pet.

A account has a total of 3 Murky's from BlizzCon 2005 and 4 Nuts from the pet collection achievements across all of it's characters. (both unique pets) On merge the account will have 1 Murky and 1 Nuts.

Wild Pet Variations
While Pet Battles will be released as a finalized mini-game ready for play in MoP, developers plan on continually updating this new feature in future patches with more diverse wild pet options. [source]

We will be adding more diversity as we progress through the patches, it's something we know about it. You have to remember that most of the critters in the world were animals. We added as many new pets as we could without disrupting the general feel of the world. There is a unique pet in almost every zone in the game now. We took care to try and make these pets fit in the different family's. (undead, dragonkin, aquatic, elemental etc.)

This is just the beginning, we will be supporting the system with new updates every single patch.
Posted by Quintessence
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