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Average Stats Per Level for All Pet Profiles

October 13, 2012
We're excited to share a useful new feature that was mentioned during the website update and revamp — Average Stats Per Level!

Try It Out!
Under the Battle Info tab on every pet's profile, there's a new tool you can use to determine its average stats at any level for any quality.

Average Stats Per Level
Simply use the slider to choose the pet's level and the drop down menu to select a specific quality. (Note that many pets come in only one quality so other options will be unavailable.) Once you've made your selections, the average health, power and speed values will be automatically shown.

How It Works
Each time a WarcraftPets user imports their collection, the stats of their pets are saved. We combine all the stats of every pet from every updated collection to calculate the average. This average is what's shown when generating a battle pet's health, power and speed values depending on its level and quality.

Now you can preview how a pet's stats will scale as it levels up. This should be very helpful when creating a new Pet Battle team!
Posted by Quintessence
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