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Approximate Drop Rates Updated Across the Site

February 07, 2014
In our continued effort to bring you up-to-date pet information, we've thoroughly reviewed our pet database and updated many of the tooltips.

Thanks to data from Wowhead, we've updated the Approximate Drop Rate for the majority of dropped pets (while double-checking any we didn't update).

Approximate Drop Rates for WoW Pets Updated

The result is an accurate, easy-to-read "1 in X" drop rate for nearly every dropped pet in the game.

A few pets may still be missing drop rate information, but we haven't overlooked them. Because these pets are relatively new or come from a source that may not be easily tracked, they will require more time for data to accumulate. We'll update these pets once this information becomes available.

More Website Updates Coming Soon™
Another round of website updates for WarcraftPets is currently in the works. One such change involves the way we calculate Pet Score, hinted at here by Breanni.

Our goal is to set these updates live within the next couple of months. What other changes and new features will we be adding? Stay tuned to find out!
Posted by Quintessence
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