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5.1 PTR: New Darkmoon Faire Pet Tamer

November 04, 2012
The Darkmoon Faire is back in town, so don't forget to save up 90 tickets for the Darkmoon Hatchling (coming in 5.1)!

We checked out the PTR and said 'hello' to the newest Pet Tamer, Jeremy Feasel.

Besting the Best
Jeremy Feasel, Master Pet Tamer
Jeremy Feasel is a Master Pet Tamer located within the fairgrounds, across the way from the tonk daily area.

He has three epic quality level 25 pets on his team.

  • Honky-Tonk (mechanical) - 1745 health, 294 attack, 280 speed
  • Fezwick (beast) - 1570 health, 311 attack, 294 speed
  • Judgement (magical) - 1587 health, 329 attack, 276 speed

Unlike other Pet Tamer quests, his quest is a daily and costs one Darkmoon Game Token each time you wish to battle him. You can challenge him once per day while the faire is up and running.

Completing his daily quest will reward you with some gold and Darkmoon Pet Supplies. This goodie bag has a chance to drop the new Darkmoon Eye, similar to one of Jeremy's pets!
Posted by Quintessence
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