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PTR 4.1 Updates: Legs and Panther Cub

March 18, 2011
Legs: A Children's Week Reward
Legs: A Children's Week Reward
It was discovered earlier this month that Scooter the snail was added as a reward for the Stormwind and Orgrimmar Children's Week quest chain. Many wondered if any other orphan quest chains would receive a new companion reward as well.

The answer is: YES! Wowhead is now listing Legs as a reward for completing the Shattrath Children's Week quest.

It's unclear what type of pet Legs will be, however due to its item icon as well as its name, some have guessed that it might be a baby spore walker. We will have to wait until Children's Week to find out for sure!

At the moment, the Northrend orphan quest is unchanged. We are hoping for the best and that the bug preventing players from completing the chain (and ultimately adopting their second Northrend orphan) will be fixed for this year's in-game event.

Panther Cub Found
The Panther Cub's location has been discovered on the PTR. Currently, it is a reward from a quest found within the new Zul'Gurub quest chain.

The chain begins in Stormwind and Orgrimmar and will lead you into Stranglethorn Vale to hunt down Mauti, a black panther. You won't need to complete the full quest chain to acquire the pet, but you will need to complete the pre-requisite quests leading up to it.
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