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tips on power levelling to 90??

Discuss anything else pertaining to WoW.
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tips on power levelling to 90??

Postby Gosu2009 » September 9th, 2012, 11:19 pm

Hi people!!

Most of the people here have been playing since Vanilla or TBC so I thought I could use some tips.
In a way reaching level 90 super fast puts you ahead of other pet collectors in the realm so I guess this a good topic.

I wanted to know for a blood DK what would be a BIS trinket to have that would help me in the 85-90 questing phase.
also what spec would you rather go with?
As we will be riding from one quest npc to another I guess the on hit proc trinkets are not a good idea and one should stick to trinkets that give a static buff instead.

anyways some tips on overall speedy leveling to 90 would be appreciated.

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Re: tips on power levelling to 90??

Postby Swiiftwiind » September 18th, 2012, 12:29 am

Personaly I use frost spec for my DK same as my husband but I dont want to turn this into a 'Best spec / rotation' debate.
As for the issue of leveling up quicker is better for pet collectors in someways like you said it is an advantage, but in others its not.
Lets consider for a moment pet collecting is like mining ( bizzare i know but bear with me )

Would it be better to level to 90 then start minning as a profession or level mining as you level up yourself.
Now collectors already have a lot of pets so they wont be starting from scratch, but with so many pets to get with MoP,
in reality i cant see a fast leveler being in any advantage especialy when they have no high level pets with them.
In my opinion you would be better to level your pets as you go, so if you DO find a rare one you can atleast have a chance to capture it.
besides wouldnt you want to see everything MoP has to offer rather than speed through it and miss whats over the other side of that hill? We have all waited for what seems an eternity for this expansion so i personaly ( and my husband wether he likes it or not :) ) intend to see everything, take my time and enjoy the journey (and of course all those lovley new pets ).
In a way its like the Crawling claw, seems like its never going to happen but it will eventualy so why not just enjoy it.

Whats other peoples opinions?
Oh and dont forget the pet collectors BEST weapon is patience, without it we dont stand a chance.

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Re: tips on power levelling to 90??

Postby Bindibear » September 18th, 2012, 10:06 pm

Gosu, when you say "In a way reaching level 90 super fast puts you ahead of other pet collectors" do you mean you want to be ahead of other pet collectors in pet numbers or in speed of getting to 90? I can't think of an easy way to do both at once. For pet numbers I'd probably pick up engineering and pay attention to it, do as much questing as possible in zones with zone drop pets and map out the quests with pet rewards. And do the Darkmoon Faire! Good xp AND lots of pets!

I like leveling as a tank, so my dks usually level blood. Killing individual mobs is marginally slower, but you can aoe pull and I love tanking dungeons. Do each dungeon once as it opens up to get the quests, that's good xp. Too many dungeons fatigue me though, which slows me down, so I have to bounce back and forth, quests, dungeons. I try to wowhead up the quests with the best rewards and make it a point to do them.

I'm not sure about the trinkets. Probably just whatever you have on hand. Trinkets aren't that huge a deal while leveling.

Swiftwind, as fast as leveling is now, it's really really hard to keep up with mining as you go, so I'm not sure that's the best analogy. :P

There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time leveling to 90, picking away at your proffs, questing, dungeoning and raising your pets. In fact, I'll probably take this route with the toon I have on the Warcraft Pets Guild's server. But I've leveled a lot of toons, at this point I'm more interested in ambling around and picking up on subtleties I've missed than racing to the end.

There are also advantages to grinding pet levels at 90 too. Being able to fly everywhere would be super useful. Also, you're going to have to be able to fight off the mobs around the pets you want to capture, and all the Pandaria zones have unique pets to capture. I fully intend to take advantage of my high level toons for Pandaria-zone captures as soon as possible!

None of which is probably useful ... oh well. Sorry for the ramble!

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Re: tips on power levelling to 90??

Postby Lysi » September 19th, 2012, 12:37 am

I think Gosu was just prefacing the question with something pet related because this is a pet forum. But this is a general topic folder so it's all cool. :)

Blood is mostly a tank spec, so if you're just planning to to quest, it's usually faster to go dps. People say frost is best, but I like unholy because I love having a friend/fiend around, lol.

Don't spend a lot of time fussing about gear if you want to level quickly. If you fiddle around figuring out the best in slot for level 92, you'll waste time you could use to get to level 93. Anything available in game now will be worse than gear that will come as quest rewards, and drops, in Mists of Pandaria. So just take whatever quest rewards are best for you, and I usually check the auction house for cheap greens every day. You can find out your stat priorities and everything you need from sites like this one. ... -reforging or this one ... riorities/

Of course if you're planning to tank dungeons, that's a whole other kettle of fish, you'll want to look at the tank blood guides there instead. I was just looking at some other tips sites and didn't bookmark them, can't find then in the sea of urls in my history, lol. Maybe someone knows a better site. Google can be your friend. When you search for WoW info online, the trick is to put "5.0.4" or whatever the current patch number is in the search, otherwise you can end up looking at older info that's no longer correct. So search for the terms you want plus the number, for example, death knight builds 5.0.4
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Re: tips on power levelling to 90??

Postby Odile » September 23rd, 2012, 9:14 am

If you are interested in power leveling you might want to check out Dugi's new guide. It has 3 leveling difficulties and "hard pushes you faster. Might be tough to get involved w pet battles and professions with this approach but seeing the video, I was impressed.

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