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Username: Lysi Site MVP  
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Lysi Says: 

A joyous Pilgrim's Bounty to all!

Posted Nov 22, 2012 at 1:04am

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About Lysi:

Pet 100! Here's Lysithea and her new friend. In the background, the archmage looks on, another baby leaving the nest. I thought she'd never find the last book. Lyis was treated to many viewings of Polymorphic Rules and Regulations. A level 47 rogue who can barely morph Giant Eggs into a Monster Omelet, what are they afraid she'll do? ;O)

Come on, Blizz! I want a baby murloc like the ones you rescue in Borean Tundra. The little orange one is my favorite! Why is that too much to ask? Why?!

More old news, my 80 farmed the Gundrak for 6 hours, with 1 or 2 other people helping the whole time. Someone whispered my husband and said the raptor didn't drop the pet anymore. He was freaking out, "If I've been doing this for nothing #&!@!!!" LOL! I don't know how many raptors we killed. My friend skinned over 1000 borean leather, she was only there part of the time. I was starting to think I'd never get it, but the baby finally dropped for me. Woohoo!

Picked up a Haunted Memento on the AH. Someone tossed Lysi one when Lich King came out, don't know who. I didn't realize what it did, and sold it. Later I regretted it, but they cost more than I could afford then. You hardly ever see them on the AH anymore, but I happened to check the other day and found one for under 1000. So I am reunited with my ghostly friend! I mean fiend. ;O)

I don't usually spend gold on pets for my non-collectors. But I'd picked up a Mechanopeep right before I went on vacation--then forgot and bought another when I got back. Couldn't get the price I wanted reselling it, so I gave it to my baby mage. She's a gnome engineer. That made it hard to resist the request of my tauren hunter. She has a white strider, and wanted the Mulgore Hatchling as a little companion for her pet. :O)

A while ago I saw Hippogryph Hatchling for less than usual on eBay, and couldn't resist! I wasn't sure I'd like the hippogryph from the picture, but she's adorable in the game, with baby proportions and a cute flying animation.

I bought a baby oooz. I'd tried and tried to farm it, but no luck. When I saw it on the AH with a low bid of 1000, I couldn't resist bidding. Happened to check when it was short, and I was still high bid! So I watched over it, had to bid only one more time.. And after a 25 minute eternity it was mine!

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