Racial and Class Teams

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Racial and Class Teams

Post by Ruzgofdi » December 11th, 2011, 2:44 pm

The Dream Team Thread got me thinking. What kind of teams could be put together if keeping to a character's race?

Things I tried to keep in mind:
  • * Getting the pet within the game as opposed to getting the pet outside of the game (via loot cards of the Blizzard store).
    * If the pet was still available (there's a handful that would fit a race that were only available during a one time event)
    * Ease of getting the pet (buying it from a vendor or from a year round quest rated higher than a once a year holiday pet)
    * Variety (Event or achievement pets may sneak onto teams just because otherwise the team is nothing but one type of pet from one vendor. This is also why most of the races include their Icecrown Tournament pet on the main team).
    * No humanoid pets (squires, orphans, etc)
So here is what I came up with.

Human: Fairly easy. Two options from vendors, one from a year round quest.
Elwynn Lamb, White Kitten, Westfall Chicken.
Alternatives: Elwynn Forest Cats

Night Elf: It feels like the Night Elves are the easiest race to find pets for. So many options. Three vendor pets make this team.
Teldrassil Sproutling, Hawk Owl, Winterspring Cub.
Alternatives: Great Horned Owl, Feline Cubs, Withers, Moonkin Hatchling.

Dwarf: This is where I first had trouble trying to avoid doubling up. A holiday pet made the team just to add a little variety.
Dun Morogh Cub, Snowshoe Rabbit, Wolpertinger.
Alternatives: Rabbits, Bears, Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm.

Gnome: The obvious choice would be to go all Mechanical pets with a focus on ones made by Gnomish Engineering. As an alternative, I thought to include pets available only from our favorite Gnome: Breanni.
Mechanopeep, Calico Cat , Stinker
Alternatives: Clockwork Gnome, Mechanicals, Pets sold or sent by Breanni

Draenei: Like the dwarf, a holiday pet made this team to avoid doubling up on Moths.
Ammen Vale Lashling, Blue Moth, Peanut.
Alternatives: Moths

Worgen: The hardest to come up with ideas for. Worgen don't have a racial pet vendor (probably didn't make it out of Gilneas with his/her supply). They don't have a tournament vendor. There's just not a good source for Worgen specific pets. I had to stretch for one just because Worgen are the second druid race in the Alliance.
Perky Pug, Withers, Worg Pup.
Alternatives: They used to be human, so anything from the human list. They've also moved in with the Night Elves, so anything from that list too.

Orc: Mr. Wiggles shows up on the alternative list due to the orc hunter starting pet being a boar (and because Mr. Wiggles is the easiest pig pet in the game to come by as a holiday reward).
Durotar Scorpion, Worg Pup, Brown Snake.
Alternatives: Snakes, Mr. Wiggles

Troll: Like the Night Elves on the Alliance, the Trolls seem to have the most options for their faction.
[pet]Sen'jin Fetish[/pet], Mojo , Obsidian Hatchling.
Alternatives: Snakes, Raptors, Voodoo Figurine

Tauren: The hardest race to work with on the Horde side. Again, I had to use the fact that this race includes druids to stretch for a third to join the team.
Mulgore Hatchling, Brown Prairie Dog, Withers.
Alternatives: Moonkin Hatchling.

Forsaken: Vampiric Batling would have been a possible addition to this team. Except for the fact that it was only available from one event back in BC days.
Tirisfal Batling, Cockroach, Ghostly Skull .
Alternatives: Smolderweb Hatchling, Toxic Wasteling, Mr. Grubbs, Crawling Claw

Blood Elf: Their team is heavily influenced by their starting zone.
Enchanted Broom, Mana Wyrmling, Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling.
Alternatives: Dragonhawks, Shimmering Wyrmling

Goblin: With no racial pet vendor and no vendor at the Icecrown Tournament, this one isn't easy. Goblin Engineering really helps fill in the gaps here, unlike with the Worgen. Looking to their Hunter's first pet and their neutral friends in Booty Bay help to fill out this team.
Personal World Destroyer, Strand Crawler, Senegal.
Alternatives: Mechanicals, Parrots.

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Re: Racial Teams.

Post by GormanGhaste » December 11th, 2011, 8:23 pm

Nice idea!

I might suggest Darkmoon Cub for the Tauren, as I think it resembles the wild cats in Mulgore.
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Re: Racial Teams.

Post by Doobjanka » December 12th, 2011, 1:40 am

What about class teams?

Druid would be the easiest, with a Moonkin, Withers and Darkmoon Cub
Shaman - Straight elemental, with Frigid Frostling, Searing Scorchling and Pebble
Mage - Kirin Tor Familiar, Enchanted Lantern, Azure Whelpling
Death Knight - Mr. Grubbs, Cockroach, Whiskers
Hunter - Just like weapons, they can use almost everything, but bear, turtle and spider would look at home with them. Corehound Pup would be perfect!
Warrior - Murkimus, Armadillo, Voodoo Figurine
Rogue - Ghostly Skull, Vampiric Bat, Durotar Scorpion
Warlock - Crawling Claw, Creepy Crate, Dark Phoenix Hatchling
Priest - Celestial Dragon, Spectral Tiger Cub, White Kitten
Paladin - Elementium Geode, De-weaponized Mechanical Companion, Magic Lamp

Any better ideas?
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Re: Racial Teams.

Post by GormanGhaste » December 12th, 2011, 8:03 am

More class ideas:

Druid: Ammen Vale Lashling, Sprite Darter Hatchling
Mage: Enchanted Broom, Feline Familiar, Mojo
Death Knight: Sinister Squashling
Hunter: Fox Kit, Worg Pup
Rogue: Bombay Cat, Giant Sewer Rat, Nuts, Wolpertinger
Warlock: the very creepy Singing Sunflower
Priest: Firefly, Phoenix Hatchling, Spirit of Summer
Paladin: Argent Grunt/Squire, Blue/Gold Mini Jouster, Guardian Cub
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Re: Racial and Class Teams

Post by Domie » December 15th, 2011, 10:36 am

Wouldnt cats be good for Belfs too? if im not wrong they are all over the place in the starting area, both the lynx, and critters :)

Either way this is a nice list :)

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