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Username: Doobjanka Site MVP  
Character: Morbotron (H)
Realm & Rank: Madoran-US (#6)
Pets Collected: 878/906
Pets Rated: 19/916 — Appearance
14/897 — Battle
Joined: September 13, 2008
Last Online: 5 days ago
Community: Comments (19)
Forum Posts (465)
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Doobjanka Says: 

I'm missing WoW, but enjoying watching Little Doob grow up.  7 months old already.  My how time flies!

Posted 5 days ago at 11:19pm

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About Doobjanka:

My most frequently asked questions and the answers!



Q. Why'd you start collecting pets?


A. I bought 2 copies of the original WoW on release, a collector's edition and a regular one. My very first character was a Warlock named Dartanien on the Blackhand server. I picked up the panda as my first pet right at the start and I was hooked. I liked having a little friend hanging out with me while I leveled.



Q. What else do you do in WoW?


A. Besides collecting pets I also collect mounts and weird things. I have the Scepter of the Shifting Sands (Best questline ever!) and I did have dreams of getting the mount from it, but Blizzard dashed those dreams. I'm currently guild master in rank of two of the three Madoran pet guilds, WarcraftPets and Magical Menagerie.



My main toon is an Engineer and Enchanter, with almost all the recipes in the game.



I have 16 90's now, one of each class, plus two Monks, two Druids and four Warlocks.



I'm on a brief WoW hiatus while I finish up my last semester of college.



I don't PvP.



Q. What do you do in real life?


A. I'm finishing up my Sociology degree and working as the IT person at a crisis center.  I also volunteer to work with domestic violence cases with my local police department.



Q. Any real life pets?


A. I have a Lhasa Apso dog named Rupert, after Stewie's Teddy Bear. Annabelle Lee has been with us over two years now.  I just call her Belly!



Q. Hobbies outside of WoW?


A. I love movies. I own over 1500 DVD's and I see one movie in the theater every weekend.



I love traveling, but Blizzcon is the only trip I take right now.  Going to New Orleans in July



I play guitar, piano and sing, but I won't try sharing any of my music with you!


I also enjoy volunteering my time with non-profits.

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