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Username: Doobjanka Site MVP  
Character: Morbotron (H)
Realm & Rank: Madoran-us (#15)
Connected Rank: Madoran-us (#24)
Pets Collected: 1212/1747
Pets Rated: 19/1747 — Appearance
14/1717 — Battle
Joined: September 13, 2008
Last Online: May 05, 2022
Community: Comments (19)
Forum Posts (467)
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Doobjanka Says: 

Slowly dipping my feet back into the WoW waters.  Pet battle dungeons and trying to finish up the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements in between Doob Jr. sleeping or scampering all over the house.

Posted Aug 7, 2017 at 7:49pm

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About Doobjanka:

My most frequently asked questions and the answers!



Q. Why'd you start collecting pets?


A. I bought 2 copies of the original WoW on release, a collector's edition and a regular one. My very first character was a Warlock named Dartanien on the Blackhand server. I picked up the panda as my first pet right at the start and I was hooked. I liked having a little friend hanging out with me while I leveled.


 Q.  What do you do now that you aren't playing much WoW?


A.  I'm enjoying real life with my wife and son.  Vincent is getting old enough that I can spend a little bit of time in WoW again, so I'll start doing that!


Q.  Claims to fame?


A.  I held the top position on the collector charts for many years, always #1 in the US and top 3 in the world.  I knew once my son was on the way it was time to let it go though.  I'm happy watching other people I've connected with over the years take my spot!


I also helped put together the WarcraftPets guild alliance on Madoran, which is still going strong with 5 guilds.  No matter how long I'm gone, when I come back it's like I wasn't away at all.  Such great players!

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