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Favourite fun teams

Post by Rosqo » December 24th, 2017, 4:11 am

What’s up guys I thought it would be fun if everyone posted their fun teams that don’t use the OP pets that we always see in the meta.

I know a lot of experienced battlers probably have loads of these teams as it’s alot more challenging than running Teroclaws non stop. It would be good to share these teams to hopefully highlight some non obvious choices for everyone to try out.

The list of pets that are excluded from these fun teams is: Teroclaw Hatchling, Bone Serpent, Blossoming Ancient/Broot, Wicked Soul, Fiendish Imp, Vengeful Porcupette, Emperor Crab, Orphaned Felbat, all Rabbits, Rose Taipan/DAH, Alpine Foxling, Ghastly Kid, Fel-afflicted Skyfin, all Darkness Birds, Elemental Trap pets, Autumnal/Nightshade Sprout, Frostfur rat, Jademist Dancer, Sneaky Marmot, Hyjal Wisp, Warbot, Magical Crawdad, Purple Puffer, Unborn Valk, Anubisath Idol, Direhorns, Ore Eater/Crusher, Spirit Crab, Curious Wolvar Pup, Iron Starlette, Blightbreath, Nether Faerie Dragon, Junglebeak etc, Wyrmy Tumkins and similar, Rebellious Imp, Twilight Clutch Sister and Infernal Pyraclaw.

Sorry if you don’t like the list but these pets are easier to play than most so don’t go being a keyboard warrior about it ;) .

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Re: Favourite fun teams

Post by Spinning » December 24th, 2017, 11:40 am

1.) Harmonious Porcupette (1,2,2), s/s Moon Moon (1,2,2), Cursed Birman (2,2,2)
This is one of my favorite teams to play in a quiet meta. Moon Moon has a dazzling dance and a magic attack to counter terroclaws; porcupette can fight off undead and has a moonlight to buff Moon Moon's attack, its own healing and Birman's spirit claws. Cursed Birman benefits from moonlight, since his claws don't miss and spirit spikes do more damage. Under dazzling dance you can go for spirit spikes + prowl combo that reflects 800 damage. Main counter to this team is MPD.
CloseToZero did a spotlight on my team at 11:30, solid win. :)

2.) Harmonious Porcupette (1,2,2), s/s Moon Moon (1,2,2), Ghostshell Crab (1,2,1)
Pretty much the same thing; I substituted Crab because he can soak haunts, he has bubble and spirit spikes; if he is faster he is a monster. Also if the moonlight is up, his spirit claws won't miss. Main counter to this team is MPD.

3.) Macabre Marionette (2,1,2), s/s Gooey Sha-ling (2,1,1), Hungering Claw (1,1,2)
Tons of dot pressure. Claw can amplify them with curse, so that they do even more damage; also, two darknesses. Main counter to this team is Emperor Crab.

4.) Stormwing (2,1,1), Noblegarden Bunny (2,1,1), h/p Dibbler (1,1,1)

One of my stronger fun teams. Stormwing to counter terroclaws and put lightning that benefits Dibbler and Bunny a little bit. Dibbler is a powerhouse when the weather is up. Priority move wrecks everything. I went with Wind Up instead of Smoke, because I wanted to be able to counter idols in the sandstorm and do heavy damage to crawdads and emperor crabs. Main counter to this team is BA.

5.) h/p Blighthawk (1,2,2), Royal Peachick 1,2,1), s/s Bonkers (1,2,1)
My epic creation. Clonedance with Bonkers and HAYMAKER. Royal Peachick can put up arcane storm that lets Blighthawk go for ghostly bites without stunning itself; also haymaker miss won't stun Bonkers. Blighthawk throws cyclone, peachick put up arcane storm, raindances, swaps to Bonkers - Haymaker crits for 1050. Took it to 100 wins easily. Probably my most fun team.
Llennoca did a spotlight on my team, went 5/0. :D

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Re: Favourite fun teams

Post by Sile9 » December 25th, 2017, 4:48 am

I've become somewhat attached to my Mechanical Brawler team of Micronax, Knockoff Blingtron, and S/S Mechanical Scorpid. Micronax is used essentially as an Unborn Valk to dot, load Bombing Run, and feign out to the Blingtron which can drop minefield, stampede to buff the damage, and Make it Rain to capitalize on Shattered Defenses. Once bling is gone, Warp and Blinding Poison will allow my last two pets to move almost freely between each other as they set up the dot and Black Claw. The debuffs and avoidance also grant much-needed latitude in dealing with elementals as the blind will cause major CDs such as Magma Trap to miss while Warp seems to be the only priority move that can be used to avoid the trap on the turn triggered (it may even be bugged and always trigger the trap; this has happened quite a few times).

I, too, use Dibbler under Lightning Storm with Hydraling and P/P Azure Crane Chick. It's quite helpful to have an aquatic that can soak Haunt and Shell Armor to put up the weather with relative safety. The crane is chiefly a counter for Teroclaws and other speed dependent critters that could outmaneuver the hydra's shielding and turn the lightning against me, but it also has Cleansing Rain to buff Tail Slap as well as its own Surge. Though this team has heavy aquatic damage and two weather counters to deal with Blossoming Ancients, it is highly vulnerable to Decoy.

Infested Bear Cub, H/P Foe Reaper, and Toothy is a generic bleed team but with Overtune as a fun surprise.

P/P Gleamhoof Fawn, Macabre Marionette, and Enchanted Pen is a swap heavy dot team. Drop bones and Death and Decay, Foreboding Curse to buff dots and multiattacks, and go to Gleamhoof to heal the backline and Nature's Ward before going back to the marionette. Power Hoof combined with major healing stomps undead, Teroclaws, and Sunlight. The pen's magic racial will absorb any huge hits that its Evanescence can't manage.

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Re: Favourite fun teams

Post by Lordy » December 27th, 2017, 5:08 am

My Favourite Fun Team at the moment is pretty effective and can beat teams playing top meta pets without actually using any of the pets listed in your banned list Rosqo.

1. Trunks 1/2/1 is a very hard hitting pet all be it with a 50% hit chance on his only spammable attack. This is made up for by the fact it that he can self buff this to a priority move with moonlight that will also benefit the Ghostshell Crab's spirit claws.

2. S/S Alpine Foxling is here to provide some defence against Bone Serpents and Teroclaws and to provide a useful speed buff to the Ghostshell crab that really benefits from going first.

3. Ghostshell Crab 1/2/1 is another very hard hitting pet in the moonlight provided by Trunks and with a fast spirit spikes thanks to the Alpine Foxling's speed buff. Add to that his bubble and weak damage received from undead pets he can be a very effective clean up pet.

The main weakness is vs humanoid pets where you have no strong attacks but the raw power of the crab and Trunks can often see you through.

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Re: Favourite fun teams

Post by Sprung » December 29th, 2017, 6:08 am

I've been playing a lot of lightening teams recently. All based around doing as much damage to back line pets as possible. Think along the lines of lightening, quake or lightening and love shot.

Seems to me lightening teams are really underplayed. I very, very rarely see anyone also rolling a team like this and a few of the teams I play often get winstreaks of 10+

Also playing some hilarious teams around high hits like demolish but with Lucky dance active so 100% hit and no CD!

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Re: Favourite fun teams

Post by Jazeel » December 29th, 2017, 7:54 am

my fave team is always all cats, never can win a fight but to see other folk try to be mean to a cat :)

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