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Username: Jazeel  
Character: Jazeel (H)
Realm & Rank: Saurfang-us (#10)
Connected Rank: Saurfang-us (#28)
Pets Collected: 1221/1708
Pets Rated: 0/1708 — Appearance
0/1678 — Battle
Joined: June 02, 2009
Last Online: December 28, 2020
Community: Comments (18)
Forum Posts (314)
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Jazeel Says: 

9 honour levels and 1 prestige level for my ally to get the dutiful squire, then she is never doing WQ pvp again, ever, never, unless they add something :). DK has 1 weapon to concordance and next one at lvl 49. rogue has done his job and is now sitting in the pub drinking with his parrot. monk has 70 levels to go. and my favourite alt who every damn xpac is my 2nd to max level is getting so impatient she has developed pyromania just to pass the time.

Posted Jul 6, 2017 at 9:26am

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About Jazeel:

my first ingame pet was the robotic chicken reward from the booty bay gnome. However owing to my overflowing bank at the time i gave it to an alt who was an engineer. Then came the childrens week rewards and i got whiskers, been hooked on collecting pets ever since. Despite getting the spirit of competition on three lower level alts, my old battlegroup was woeful for horde at max level and gave up after 25 or so losing BGs, definitely a case of one that got away.

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