Deadmines EZMode

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Deadmines EZMode

Post by Tristful » June 15th, 2017, 10:46 pm

TL:DR; at the bottom!

So Deadmines is significantly shorter and easier than Wailing Caverns in my opinion. But in case you're the type that doesn't like going in blind, I made a quick list of pets you need.

#1 (mechanical) I used Autumnal Sproutling. 1/1/1 (he hurts backline significantly, use trash backline, sproutling can solo)
#1 alternative: Blossoming Ancient

#2 (undead+2trash) I used Frostfur Rat 1/1/2. He can solo most of the battle, any trash pet will finish it. Cast Crouch > Darkness > Sneak Attack > Crouch on CD > Darkness on CD.

#3 (elemental+2trash) I used Aqua Strider, but any strider with pump will work. Just spam pump. Trash pets can finish battle for you.

#4 (beast+2trash) Iron Starlette 1/1/1 can solo most of the battle, trash pets to finish it off. I did Windup > PowerBall > Supercharge > Windup

#5 (humanoid) Unborn Valkyr 1/2/2 + any zandalari. Curse > Haunt > ExposeWounds/Blackclaw > Hunting Party > dead

#6 (critter+2trash) Zandalari with black claw. Black Claw > Hunting Party --- trash pets will finish battle.

#7 (beast+2trash) Clockwork Gnome. I used 1/1/2 and spammed rocket, trash pets to finish.

#8 (flying+2trash) Arcane Eye 1/2/2 Drain Magic + Mana Surge > fill with Focused Beams. Will sometimes solo the whole pack, trash pets to finish.

#9 (magic) Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling > Decoy on CD > Spam breath. MPD can ALMOST solo it, so just have a couple of backline dragons, anything will do. I also used Lil' Deathwing the first time I did it and it was much faster, but he's a much rarer pet.

All backline trash pet enemies are either a flying parrot, an aquatic crab, or a critter rat. So literally any blue magic, flier, or beast are good choices for YOUR trash backline filler.

TL:DR; Autumnal Sproutling/Blossoming Ancient, Frostfur Rat, Aqua (any) Strider, Iron Starlette, Unborn Valkyr+Zandalari, Clockwork Gnome, Arcane Eye, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling --PLUS-- a handful of magic, flier, beast and dragonkin for backline.


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Re: Deadmines EZMode

Post by Minivivi » June 16th, 2017, 10:56 am

Thank you very, very much!
Great combinations.

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Re: Deadmines EZMode

Post by Flow » June 18th, 2017, 8:54 am

The trash pets are mostly critters or flying or a mix of the two. So a great choice for third pet is the trusted Anubisath Idol, with Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection. Stoneskin protects against the critter's Stampede as well as the flying's Slicing Wind, while Deflection protects against the flying's Lift Off. The Anubisath also heals himself so he will never be in danger of dying, and will not require healing between fights.

As for the bosses, most of them can be soloed by one pet.

#1. foe reaper
Most elemental pets will do fine since they benefit from the defensive as well as the offensive bonus when fighting mechanicals. I used a Frigid Frostling with Ice Tomb, Slippery Ice and Ice Lance, but any of the following should work well:
Pet with Flamethrower, then Deep Burn (Soul of the Forge, Hatespark)
Pet with Scorched Earth, Conflagrate, then Burn (Fel Flame, Searing Scorchling, Ominous Flame)
Pet with Flamethrower or Immolate, Conflagrate, then Burn (Pandaren Fire Spirit, Dark Phoenix Hatchling, Phoenix Hatchling)

A second elemental pet is recommended in case crits kill your first pet. He has a big attack that will really hurt if it crits.

#2. defias
I agree on Frostfur Rat (preferably PP), but with Refuge (team shield), then Call Darkness then Sneak Attack. Optionally, when the enemy's big attack comes off cd, swap to a second critter (preferably one with Sneak Attack too), it will still be protected by the Refuge shield.

#3. angry geode
Critter with Dive, then Acidic Goo, then Ooze Touch until Dive is off cd. Enemy will cast Stoneskin when Dive is ready so speed matters less. This moveset is available on Shimmershell Snail (HP recommended), Rapana Whelk, Scooter, Silkbead Snail, Rusty Snail, Mudshell Conch. A critter will not be stunned, if you don't go with a critter pet you should be faster.

#4. mining monkey
Jade Crane Chick with Jadeskin (shield), then Flock, then Trash x2. The JCC is old and one of the best flying pets so everyone should have one. No need for a second pet.
You can use this boss to aoe heal.

#5. captain Klutz
The unborn val'kyr (Haunt) + zanadalari (Claw + Hunting Party) combination works very well, but I'll try for alternatives next time since many don't have the Unborn and/or zandalari pets. Haunt is available on the Ghastly Kid too though. There is no need to cast Doom, at least not if the breed on the zandalari is PP.
You can use this boss to aoe heal if you are faster (he will stun on the first round and has 250 speed).
update: Ghastly Kid with Haunt, then Macabre Marionette with Dead Mans Party then Bone Bite x1 works great.

#6. battle rat
Same as #5 (haunt+zandalari), but as an alternative, the Harbinger of Flame, a faded favorite works very well. Cast Magma Wave every time the enemy deploys a turret to destroy it. Otherwise Impale on cd, and Jab as filler. No need for a second pet.
Other options: both Bonkers or Lil'Bad Wolf (any breed, PP preferred) works fine, both have Dodge to protect against the turret and a basic attack with bonus damage against critters.

#7. battle beast
Iron Starlette PS with Wind Up, Supercharge, then Wind Up, will oneshot this pet (does 1288 damage). A PP works fine but will take an additional hit, while a HH will need extra attacks. Swap to the Anubisath when the beast is dead.
You can use this boss to aoe heal.
update: seems most mechanical pets with a basic mechanical attack and a bit of power will dispatch of him fairly easily. If it has Extra Plating use it in the second round and it will not be in danger of dying.

#8. battle bird
A Nexus Whelpling or Stormborne Whelpling with Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge, then basic attacks works, but is RNG dependent based on how much damage the Mana Surge does. Should still be fine, but a second pet as backup is recommended. The fastest way of doing this boss is with Evolution, Corrosion then Ooze Touch, ie 3 rounds. This moveset is available on Living Fluid and Viscous Horror.

#9. final boss
Same as #5, so I'll try for alternatives next time.
update: Lil'Bling can solo him with Extra Plating then Make It Rain then Inflation. Repeat x1. Then use Make It Rain a final time. Should have a second pet to finish him off if crits kills Bling early.

Agree that the dungeon is easier than the first one. Love that I can get all pets from it after 6 runs.

edit: updated after second run
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Re: Deadmines EZMode

Post by Miporroent » June 20th, 2017, 9:40 pm

Thanks for putting this together, definitely saved some time! I modified some things a little, here's my changes

As a general note - Keeping a cat and something that's strong against flying (e.g. Rascal Bot, Lil Tarecgosa, etc) as your second and third pets speed things up significantly.

1) Hatespark the Tiny (2/1/1) - Keep burn from flamethrower up, and use conflag on cooldown. Any other pet with similar abilities (e.g. Pandaren Water Spirit) will do the trick.
2) Same as above on the other 2 guides in this thread. I had beetles for the other 2 in case the rat died, just spammed stampede.
3) Using the stronger strider as you don't need a fast one for this worked well.
4) Jade Crane Chick worked great here
5) Ghastly Kid (1/2/2), Ikky (1/1/1) - You can start off with ethereal which will waste the stun and then haunt. Using Ikky here saves the Zandalaries for later.
6) I used a Zaandalari Anklerender, makes quick working out of the rat.
7) Iron starlette as mentioned earlier one shots it.
8) Nexus/Stormborne whelplings as mentioned earlier.
9) Ghastly Kid, Zandalari Kneebiter (2/1/2) - Same as 5 - Use ethereal to block the sleep, haunt and then finish it off with black claw/hunting party.

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