Murky pet!

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Murky pet!

Post by Dreamside » October 14th, 2012, 12:45 pm

Hello dear pet collectors!

I happened to come across this website and thought that from here I could get an answer to a question that has been bothering me for a long while now.

This is the thing: I've got a blue Murky pet on my account on Balnazzar Europe. The one from BlizzCon 2005 ( I've retired from playing WoW a long time ago but occasionally one of my WoW playing friends keeps asking me to give him my old account so he could have the pet.

So now when I saw on the info site of this pet that a card is for sale on ebay for 1999$ I almost had a heart attack. :shock: But since the pet is account bound and it is against Blizzard policies and such to sell an account for money so I can't do that.

I believe it's not a very common pet anywhere, but does anyone have a clue about it's rarity on EU servers?

Any answers and discussion around this subject is welcome, please help me find out what I have in my hands here! :)

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Re: Murky pet!

Post by Lysi » October 14th, 2012, 2:36 pm

A lot of pets have become tradable, but this one (and similar promotional pets) have not. I doubt it will ever be.

This pet is very rare on all servers. They say around 8000 were probably made originally. Since Blizzcon was in the states, I'm guessing less in Europe than the US. I know Blizzard has added servers over the years, so I bet many of the servers added after 2005 don't have any Murky's at all. Among warcraftpets users, mostly hardcore pet collectors, 0.8% report having it (that may include some people who don't play anymore).

I'm pretty sure the same person has been trying to sell that card for $1999 on eBay for a few years. I think they just have one card and haven't gotten their price. I made an offer of $1100 once and they didn't take it, but they did try to sell me another Murky code without a card, I think it was for $1200. I declined. There's another listing that shows up for I think around $1600 sometimes, I'm wondering if that's another person just trying to sell their one card again and again and not getting their price. It's not worth anything if you don't have a buyer.

But since it's against Blizzard's terms to sell accounts, there really isn't anything you can do with it. Pets are now shared between any account linked to the same account, as I understand it, but I don't see any way that helps you.
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