Reign of Fire TCG set and the loot cards inside

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Reign of Fire TCG set and the loot cards inside

Post by Sinclaire » July 21st, 2013, 12:20 am

Hey there, Im an avid player of the WoW TCG and I just thought Id let you guys know about the insanity that is the Reign of Fire set loot card distribution. As was revealed a few weeks ago, this set contains has EVERY loot card from the TCG. The set doesnt release till this Tuesday, but there are sneak peek events happening this weekend at certain hobby shops around the world. If you can find one near you, I highly suggest you go to one tomorrow. Even if you dont know how to play the game, the WoW TCG community is very helpful and always willing to teach new players.

Anyways, the entire reason Im making this thread is because the packs that have been opened so far have been absolutely nuts in terms of loot distribution. Here are some excerpts from the WoW TCG forums:

"Out of the two and a half boxes that we opened we saw 4 mounts (hippogryph, fel drake, dragonhawk, tallstrider) a hippogryph hatchling, epic purple shirt, paint bomb, Lil xt, party grenades, and a landros gift."

"I opened four displays...

Got Spectral Tiger
El Pollo Grande
Corrupted Hippogryph
6 Landro's Giftbox
1 Center of attention
1 Hippogryph hatchling
Owned flag
Some crap loots too"

If the loot distribution is really this good, its gonna drop the value on loot cards across the board. If you like looking for loots, this is the set for you. If you have loots on hand, get rid of them ASAP before the floodgates open. And if you fancy yourself as a lucky person, there are so-called "God Packs" that have no normal cards, but 15 rare loot cards. These are about 1 pack to about 4000 odds, but are absolutely ridiculous. Heres a picture of one opened today: tinyurl(dot)com/lcsa5em (Cant post a real link till Ive posted a few times)

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Re: Reign of Fire TCG set and the loot cards inside

Post by Mehetabel » July 21st, 2013, 4:15 am

Ok, that sounds pretty positive! :D
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Re: Reign of Fire TCG set and the loot cards inside

Post by Ruststorm » July 21st, 2013, 9:49 am

if that is correct, that wil be awesome indeed... bought a few pet loot cards recently tho, so that's a shame, but other than that -- still loads to gain. Looking positive!

update: just ordered 10 booster packs for fun <3

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Re: Reign of Fire TCG set and the loot cards inside

Post by Azrile » July 21st, 2013, 4:55 pm

I am 2 pts away from being in first place on my server... but I am so tempted to sell my TCG pets now and then buy them back in a month when they will be half price. These new decks, along with the changes coming to virtual servers should really make TCG prices very crazy.

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