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Username: Mehetabel Top Rater  
Character: Mehetabel (A)
Realm & Rank: Lightbringer-EU (#1)
Connected Rank: Lightbringer-EU (#1)
Pets Collected: 1224/1234
Pets Rated: 160/1245 — Appearance
155/1222 — Battle
Joined: November 02, 2012
Last Online: 4 days ago
Community: Comments (29)
Forum Posts (575)
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Mehetabel Says: 

LOVING the new patch. Both zones are fantastic in their own way. Sooo many new pets!




If you're in the EU we now have a fantastic in-game WCP community. It's cross server so you can chat from any server/character. Come join us:




Working on:

Pet drops from rares

Island Expedition Pets (one left)

General Achievements

Leveling Alts


Newest Pets:



Most Wanted List:


Filthy Slime

Sir Snips / Bucketshell

Mini Tyrael

Posted Jul 19, 2019 at 6:52am

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About Mehetabel:

I started playing WoW early in TBC (during Children's Week as it happens) and I immediately noticed lots of players running around with cute little pets and thought "I want that!". My pet collecting addiction had begun! At first it was difficult, pets weren't spells back then, they used up bag/bank slots! I remember my bank being full of pets and I would rotate the handful I kept in my bags. Nowdays, collecting is MUCH easier (thanks Blizz!).


Due to when I started playing, I've missed out on some promotional pets which does make me sad and I've not been able to justify spending vast amounts of RL gold on those pets, like Mini Tyrael. I want them though, believe me, I really do. Maybe one day!


For now I'm content to capture every wild pet I can and keep farming dropped and achievement pets. 

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