PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

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PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

Post by Silverthorn » June 21st, 2019, 5:16 pm

I'm not very good at PvP. Franky, it kinda scares me and it requires much faster reflexes than I have, even without repetitive stress pain after an hour or so of "aggressive keyboarding". Still, I muddled through Legion (thank God for those PvP World Quests) and got the Dutiful Squire and Dutiful Gruntling at Prestige 7, after what seemed like an eternity (probably only 6 months or so). It was a slog, but doable since it was mostly dusting NPCs in the towers and avoiding hostile players in the other zone quests when they came up.

Now, they revamped the Honor system and consolidated all my characters' honor into one account-wide value, but all that honor for Prestige 7 on Horde and Alliance converted to Honor Level 49 and I need to get to 400 of course for for Sir Snips and Bucketshell. These are the only collectible pets I have left right now. So, while I'm waiting for the bounty of Patch 8.2 next week, I wanted at least to have some sort of plan for a slow but steady honor grind.

Since Blizzard nerfed the honor gains from Legion, I don't have a plan. I'm not real familiar with the battlegrounds, let alone the skirmishes and who wants to be yelled at for not knowing the map/objective, if not simply kicked without explanation? I haven't had much luck with guilds, so I'm not sure joining a PvP guild would be a good fit, but I might have to try it. Any other suggestions?

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Re: PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

Post by Midknyght » June 22nd, 2019, 6:16 pm

I'm in the same boat only considerably further downstream with Honor Level 6. Good luck!

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Re: PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

Post by Gráinne » June 23rd, 2019, 7:50 pm

When I saw Honor 400, I immediately gave up my goal of trying to collect every available pet that can be got in the game itself.

Now I pick up things as they seem interesting, or useful for battle.

I'm at Honor 70 or 80, I think, and I could maybe do it eventually, but it's not worth putting myself through that. Having absurd targets like that destroys any illusion that it's worth continuing.

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Re: PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

Post by FuxieDK » June 24th, 2019, 3:17 am

I will never get the two 400 honor pets.

I did a few (7 I think) BGs when it was vs AI, and have WM on, so I kill the occasional Alliance player.

But in spite of this, I'm still level 37 that I was when BfA was released. I think I have gotten 10-15% of a single honor level!

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Re: PvP for a non-PvP Pet Collector

Post by Mehetabel » June 25th, 2019, 5:04 am

I've also hit a brick wall with these two pets. I desperately wish Blizzard would add in some PvP WQ's like we had before. We could then do it on a few alts every day and slowly make some progress. I don't "mind" BGs etc but I'm not particularly good at PvP and it really is soul-destroying when you do a lot of it.
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