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Prestige Season 3 rewards

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Prestige Season 3 rewards

Postby Peterc » April 2nd, 2017, 4:57 am

Do we know these yet and do they include any pets?

Done some searching but not found anything that mentions pets. Hoping that either there are not any going forward or that the Season 3 alliance pet is the Season 1 Horde pet (and visa-versa) and the same for season 4 and 2.

This site is not showing any new pvp pets which could be a good sign.


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Re: Prestige Season 3 rewards

Postby Quintessence » April 2nd, 2017, 5:26 am

So far there haven't been any reports or discoveries of any battle pet from 7.2 PVP season prestige.

All pets that were datamined during the 7.2 PTR have made it live, except for the ones listed on the Unlisted Pets Page. However, none of them seem very "PVP" in nature.

Wowhead datamined at least 2 new mounts and 2 new artifact appearances, but no new pet.

It's possible that there are hidden items/pets/rewards (Blizzard is doing that a lot more this expansion >_>), so we might have to wait and see to confirm what the new Prestige rewards are.
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Re: Prestige Season 3 rewards

Postby Minivivi » April 2nd, 2017, 10:19 am

Have I missed news? There are no PVP WQs coming up for me.

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Re: Prestige Season 3 rewards

Postby Noel » April 3rd, 2017, 12:06 pm

I've seen the towers bug out once in a while, the world quest is still up just not showing on the map for whatever reason. Best to go there...if the mobs are friendly you're in the wrong one, go to the other in the zone and the world quest will appear.

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Re: Prestige Season 3 rewards

Postby Paladance » April 29th, 2017, 2:14 am

Am I just that lucky or are Broken Isles a bit abandoned since 7.2?

Because Timeworn Strand + no people in Azsuna + Operation Murloc Freedom + Reinforced Reins + flying = WIN. :mrgreen:

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