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Postby Seyera » February 5th, 2012, 4:11 pm

For many of us, he's something of a pet-collecting grail. I regularly keep tabs on the ones available on eBay, and I was surprised to see that just this week there was an auction that ended surprisingly low compared to the usual BIN and start prices.

Did someone from here win it? If so, spill! :D Congratulations on scoring a nice deal on a pet that is both expensive and elusive!

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Re: Murky

Postby Lysi » February 5th, 2012, 11:22 pm

Back when I looked into getting Murky, my husband was shocked at the idea of paying a thousand $ for a simple vanity pet in a video game. I had to admit it was a bit much. Later I did "Oh Noes, the Tadpoles" and ever since I've been frustrated and annoyed. So many cute colors and we just can't get them! And now they are using the murloc baby graphics in more places, just to tease.. I've fed minnows to Squirky, and dragged tadpoles out to sea to save them in the Blasted Lands. I don't even want Murky now, since I really want the orange baby murloc, that's my dream pet, lol. I'd also love to see babies of the deep sea murlocs in Vashj'ir. I do have Grunty, but I didn't get Deathy or Murkablo because I've had it with murlocs that don't make sense, I'm not going to pay cash for them. I want my cute babies!! XD

Edit: I should say I don't just want Murky anymore, I want all of them, lol. But anything that helps you justify *not* spending a couple thousand bucks (recent price I've seen) is really a good thing!
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Re: Murky

Postby Quintessence » February 6th, 2012, 2:25 am

Owning a Murky would be lovely, but I'd love to have one of the differently colored baby murlocs too! Blizzard is teasing us with all of these awesome critter/mob models :P
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Re: Murky

Postby Twilight » February 6th, 2012, 7:44 pm

Blue is my favourite colour, so I've only ever wanted Murky. Womp womp.

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Re: Murky

Postby Pinkymac » February 6th, 2012, 9:40 pm

I want Gurky sooooooooo bad! It pains me to know there's a pink murloc out there that i can never own. At least I have my little Gurky plushie sitting next to my computer awaiting random cuddles. I can only dream of a day when Blizzard decides to release that little cutie for the rest of us..... /dreamy sigh

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Re: Murky

Postby Aislinge » February 10th, 2012, 11:45 am

I've bought the soft toys from Blizz as compensation for the lack of Murky's in my life. I'm no longer keen on spending more than $10 now on anything WoW related. I just can't justify it anymore :(

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