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Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Share pet collecting news and advice.
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Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Mtecnic » December 1st, 2014, 2:58 pm

Hi Everyone,

New to the community here (signed up today). Love the site and all of you seem eager to help!

I have a pet addon that lists the breed of each pet and I understand H/H S/S and P/P.

I try and collect all my wild pets in rare usually but I guess I'm settling for whatever breed they are when i find the rare.

I'm interested in PVE and Tamers. I don't do any PVP now and not sure that I will much later.

Is there anywhere that can tell me what breeds are best for each type of pet?

Once I start doing tamer quests will I accumulate enough stones to upgrade uncommon of the "right" breed?


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Re: Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Kpb321 » December 1st, 2014, 3:22 pm

There isn't necessarily a best breed for any pet. It depends on the pets moves, the breeds available and the situation. Sometimes the best breed might depend on which moves you are taking.

For example the Blackfuse Bombling. If you are using Explode it only scales with Health so H/H is the best breed and is one of the highest health pets with that ability. On the other hand most everything else does better with a P/P breed so both have their uses and it depends on what you plan to do with it.

There are some general rules, if you will, such as pets with avoidance moves or buffs/debuffs or moves that do X if you go first all do well with Speed. Going first with Dodge or Crouch or Blinding Poison gets you an extra round. There are also moves like tail whip or counter strike that do more damage when you are slower. Undead pets generally do better with Power or Health as their racial kinda makes speed pointless. No benefit to attacking first on your last round if you just rez and attack anyway. The Magic pet racial doesn't pair well with H/H breeds as it is less likely to actually save you any damage. There are more "rules" but none of them are actually hard and fast.

On the topic of Speed it's different in that it has a hard cap so to speak. If you are 1 point faster than your opponent or 50 points faster it doesn't matter. You go first either way. When you know your opponents speed ahead of time, PvE, you can min/max the breed to have as little extra speed as possible. In PVP you don't know who your opponent will be so you may want to be as fast as possible depending on your plan.

The tamers are a good source of stones and can be useful to upgrade pets of the right breed but there are also a number of pets that have to be stone to get a rare because they only come in lower quality versions (link below). I'd plan on using your stones on those first or on exceptionally hard to catch pets like the minifernal or Unborn Valk or maybe something like a Flayer Youngling where it comes in all 9 breeds so trying to get a Rare s/s breed is pretty hard. The flayers move set means s/s is generally preferred.


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Re: Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Tekulve2012 » December 1st, 2014, 3:25 pm

Generally, you look for the s/s breeds of pets that have stuns , decoys ,dodges or are weather setters. You want the p/p breeds for big hitters and DoT pets with amp up moves like black claw

Its always important to be aware of the family racial advantages and what pets are strong against yours

Check out 'utility' pets like Pierre and the Voodoo Figurine that cleanse buffs and debuffs-in pet PvP they are handy
For pet PvP, i find 289 to be solid enough speed and I don't often use pets that have less than 260 power

With 670+ pets there are no absolute rules about breed priority...try them out and see your preferences

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Re: Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Jazeel » December 1st, 2014, 3:31 pm

I am a long time collector whose uses battlepet breed ID adddon. Certain breeds are more useful than others in specific circumstances: such as when you need to be faster than a tamers pet to avoid a certain attack etc. Pet breeds is certainly more important in pvp, as folk tend to use the same teams over and over again and many tactics rely on a specific breed of pet.
My own attitude when it comes to breeds is to generally go for power/speed if i am unsure how a certain pet is balanced. For instance with aquatics and flyers P/P or P/B is always my preferred breed types as flyers are fast enough and aquatics are too slow to benefit from speed and rarely attack first.
If your using the same addon as I am it will list all the possible breeds a pet can be found in. In many cases there are usually only 3-4 breeds available, and for many non wild pets usually only 1 or 2. I wouldnt go crazy looking for specific breeds of wild pets as many have attack moves that are replicated by another wild pet eg spider/moths/frogs. In fights against tamers i use almost no wild pets at all in any of my teams, apart from the odd moth or strider, so i wouldnt get too hung up on looking for best breed of every pet out there, it will driuve you crazy :)

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Re: Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Mtecnic » December 1st, 2014, 5:42 pm

Thank you!

Very helpful information.

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Re: Semi-New Collector with some ?'s

Postby Abashera » December 1st, 2014, 8:29 pm

And to add to Tekulve2012's reply...

You want H/H for explode pets, like: Blackfuse Bombling, Iron Starlet, Crimson Spore, Minfernal.

"Explode" is based on a percentage of the pet's maximum health, so high health pets will hit the hardest.

Flying pets always go first in a battle (unless the enemy has something like "Surge"). So in PVE, flying pets can be power based and still go first (this isn't necessarily the case in PVP). Though at the same time, some flying pets have abilities that do more damage if their speed is faster, whereas others do more damage if they simply go first, regardless of speed.

Read the abilities of each pet. Some pets do extra damage when they go first, others do more damage if they go second.

Pets with blinding abilities are often better in speed models.

Lastly, remember that some wild pets are all the same. For instance, there are a lot of wild rabbits, and they all do the same moves (with exception of the Darkmoon Rabbit). So you can plan out which you will capture, and you can pretty much own every breed there is, without owning two of any one pet (on that note, you'll definitely want to get a S/S Grasslands Cottontail). The same goes with Dragonhawks, Cats, Moths, and numerous others, where you can own one of each breed without owning two of any one pet.

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