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WoW Pet Addons

The World of Warcraft community has created a variety of top-notch mods for small pet enthusiasts. For help installing, see WoW Interface's FAQ.

Pet Hunting

  • PetTracker
    This addon does several things. It displays the locations of all pets on the world map, tracks all pets you have still to catch in a given zone, displays all your enemies and allies abilities as you fight, and it even suggests which is the most appropriate pet for your current enemy.
  • Battle Pet BreedID
    Battle Pet BreedID is a standalone addon that will display the Breed of any pet when in battle, in your Pet Journal, and in pet item tooltips (both in your bags and in the auction house). Perfect for anyone seeking a specific breed of battle pet.
  • Cancel Pet Fight
    A handy addon for hunting rare pets. It tells you if there are no rares in the pet(s) you're battling and lets you hit 'Escape' to cancel the fight, rather than having to click the white flag and then click the confirmation dialog. It does not activate if there are rares.
  • NPCScan
    This addon is perfect for collecting pets dropped by rare mobs, such as the baby raptors. It automatically alerts you whenever a rare mob is near.
  • Rarity
    This addon tracks how many chances you've had to obtain various rare items throughout the game. It will tell you how likely you are to obtain the item, track how long you've been farming for it, etc. Provides an LDB feed, tooltips, and progress bar.

Pet Battles

  • Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks
    Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks is a lightweight addon that adds some quality-of-life improvements to the pet battling UI. Health percentage on active pets in encounters, and important health thresholds are just a couple of changes added that can help enhance the battling experience.
  • PetBattleLogKeeper
    Save and display full logs of both PVP and PVE pet battle encounters with PetBattleLogKeeper. This can be done either manually or automatically. Also displays your team as well as your opponent's team for each match.
  • Family Familiar Helper
    A quick and easy way to keep track of achievements necessary for the "Family [...]" meta-achievements. Includes tabs for Family Familiar, Family Fighter, Family Brawler, Family Battler, and Family Exorcist.
  • Rematch
    Rematch is an addon to help create, store, recall and share battle pet teams. Its primary purpose is to store and recall battle pets (and their teammates) for various targets. Very useful.
  • Annene
    Annene is an addon that rearranges the pet battle interface so that everything is now in one place (centered under the battle) rather than UI elements at both the top and bottom of your screen.
  • Daily Tamer Check
    Tracks the completion of daily tamer quests. The main panel shows the tamers that give a sack of pet supplies as a reward. By mousing over the bottom-left and bottom-right buttons, you can see the other tamers divided into categories.
  • Battle Pet Daily Tamer
    Puts a familiar paw on the world map marking where any daily Pet Tamers are that you have not battled against for that day. Initially, it only marks the tamers that reward pet supply satchels. But you may mark all tamers if you prefer.
  • Derangement's Pet Battle Cooldowns
    Get help reacting to opposing abilties when they come out of cooldown. This addon shows the cooldowns and buff/debuff durations for ALL abilities in a pet battle — even benched pets.
  • Pet Theory
    This addon improves upon the functionality of the Pet Journal (including zone filters) and provides useful information during Pet Battles and while wandering Azeroth.
  • Niggles: Pet Teams
    This addon can create an unlimited number of Battle Pet Teams. Once created, the pet teams can be edited, loaded and exported. The list of pet teams is displayed as part of the standard Blizzard Pet Journal.
  • Pet Battle Tabs
    Similar to the above, this addon provides another way to organize teams of pets. You can create up to 8 battle team loadouts and toggle between them by pushing the tabs on the Pet Journal.
    Provides a complete rewrite of the Blizzard Battle Pet frames that is a clone of those from your favorite childhood game. Features movable unit frames, custom graphics, randomized intro scenes and more!
  • PetBattle Pokemon Mod
    This addon will let the user automatically play music from various Pokemon games during a pet battle. Just go into your Interface and look under addon PetBattlePokemonMusic. The first section there will let you set your music tracks for wild and trainer battles.
  • Pet Battle Music
    This AddOn simply plays custom music (like Pokemon music) during pet battles. To add tracks, follow the instructions in music.lua.

Pet Summoning

  • Pets and Mounts
    A highly customizable auto and random summoning addon for your pets and mounts. Summon a specific mount or pet in a specific zone, for example. 100+ options. Includes Data Broker support and Ace3 profiles.
  • GupPet
    GupPet is an addon that gives an extension for mounting and calling critters. By a single click, it mounts a ground, swimming or flying mount depending on the players location. This mod features many bells and whistles, including collection tracking.
  • MiniPetQ
    A broker addon that will allow you to create a list of favorite companions (minipets) and easily summon them. There are keybindings for dismissing, summoning random or summoning the 'favorite' pet.
  • NugMiniPet
    This addon will ALWAYS keep a vanity pet by your side! It hooks companions to forward movement, auto-summoning a random pet whenever you walk or run (provided you don't have one summoned). Also includes a setting for favorites.
  • PetLeash
    Another addon that always keeps a vanity pet by your side based on the list of pets you choose. Includes options for auto-disabling while stealthed, making it ideal for rogues and druids.
  • RandomCompanion
    This mod allows you to choose a random pet or mount at the push of a button. Companions can be weighted to be chosen more or less often, or disabled altogether. When mounting, the mod will automatically choose the best type of mount based on your location.

Pet Collecting

  • Collectinator
    This addon provides methods for determining which vanity pets and mounts you're missing to help you in your ongoing collecting efforts.
  • Collect Me
    This mod keeps track of your companions and mounts and can show you any that you are missing with additional information on where to get them. It also can summon companions randomly with a prioritiy list.
  • Livestock
    This mod sorts your pets and mounts into land mounts, flying mounts, and vanity pets. Then, with the push of a button or use of unique slash commands, you can randomly summon any of the three.

Pet Behavior

  • Chinchilla Critter Emote
    Chincilla Critter Emote will have your vanity pets do fun and random things. When you have a pet out, every so often it will emote something fun. You can also have your pets become more interactive by having them emote custom actions by using /ce instead of /emote. Your pets will also respond to the in game emotes.

More Addons

Pet Macros

Suggest an Addon: Do you know of an addon that's ideal for vanity pet collectors? Contact us with a brief description of the mod and a link and we'll consider adding your suggestion.

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