Observations on Jade Oozeling Spawns.

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Observations on Jade Oozeling Spawns.

Post by Abashera » September 27th, 2013, 4:49 pm

I made two Death Knights on two dead servers so that I can more easily get the "hard to find" wild pets. It is absolutely impossible to make accurate observations on an active, high-pop server with CRZ. But on servers where both population is low, and CRZ is not possible, one can obtain more reliable data.

I've read several people's comments on places like wowhead, the main wow forums, and here, that say that killing maggots causes more Jade Oozelings to spawn. I now question this logic.

On my main server there are NEVER any Jade Oozelings in the cave. And so people go around killing maggots until a single Jade Oozeling spawns. But I believe they are only killing time before a Jade Oozeling naturally spawns, and killing maggots has little to nothing to do with the Oozeling spawn.

So yesterday I decided to set out on this dead realm to get a rare Jade, as it is nearly impossible on my realm with all the people camping in the cave.

I literally got three RARE P/P Jades within less than 9 hours, and saw several other rare breeds (as I sit in the cave right now, writing this, I am surrounded by them, and no one has come in the cave to hunt pets of do quests).

But that's not all. I purposely decided NOT to kill any maggots, just to see what would happen—would any more Jade Oozelings spawn if I didn't kill maggots? In addition, I counted the number of maggots in each section of the cave.

After coming in on the first morning of my hunt, to find the cave swarming with about 15 Jades, I checked them all and found a rare P/P. More Jades spawned as I was killing those. I found another rare of the same breed. I decided to hunt down one more a few hours later. Again, I didn't kill any maggots.

In sections of the cave where I had counted two or three maggots, when I returned later in the day there were Jade Oozelings, but the same number of maggots were alongside the Jades. Rather than a Jade spawning where a maggot had been, they were right there cohabiting with one another, with all Maggots accounted for.

The misconception that the Jade Oozeling has a slow respawn time, or that killing other things in the zone will help, is yet another case in which CRZ and high population it the real culprit. They are spawning regularly, you just aren't getting one at the right time before someone else does. Though I would say that the spawn timer on the Jade Oozeling may be a couple hours before a bunch spawn again,

So, if you want to kill things in the cave, killing maggots will probably not help you get a Jade oozeling; it will only help you pass the time, and have the illusion that it is helping when an oozeling spawns; which would have spawned either way.

If you want to do something to pass the time while waiting for an Oozeling to spawn, Instead of killing maggots, I would kill the Jade Ooze and Green Sludges in the cave, and you might get an Opzeling Bag containing Disgusting Oozeling. Or make an alt on a dead server and get your rare Jade Oozeling in one day—or find two or three like I did.


Here is my observation on the Emerald Proto Whelp.

http://www.warcraftpets.com/community/f ... 500#p50500


Oh by the way, I can absolutely confirm that killing rats does not cause Minfernals to spawn. Perhaps killing the combat and non-combat rats right within the area the Minfernals spawn in may free a space for a Minfernal to spawn; but leaving that area to kill rats elsewhere in the zone will only leave the Minfernals for someone else to get while YOU are off killing rats. On both dead servers I have pet-hunter alts on, I can find up to 10 Minfernals a day, or more. It took me only two days to find my Rare H/H breed, which I wanted to be able to do "Explode" (though a Blackfuse Bombling will be even better).

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