Carniverous Lasher one hell of a tank

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Carniverous Lasher one hell of a tank

Post by Somanypets » October 2nd, 2018, 10:28 pm

Edit: Forget it. I'm an idiot and thought it was Ironbark, not Barkskin. This pet does suck. Too late for my 150 charms lol. Oh well, at least I got a Tinder Pup and a Mischievous Zephyr today.

Why is this pet rated so low? It seems really strong. Not only is it a P/P breed, but its moveset is very tanky.

You can have the following lineup:

Leech Seed

All at once. I use Blossoming Ancient to solo many trainers and I feel like the Lasher would be even better because it would be quicker, being a P/P breed. You start with Bark Skin if going first, or Leech Seed if 2nd, and then if you get hit hard enough you go for Feed, and then fill with Barkskin. Seems strong PvP and PvE.

Has anyone tried it out properly yet?

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