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Original Moth Animations

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Original Moth Animations

Postby Zorza » November 28th, 2012, 11:50 pm

I remember very well when BC first came out. And the very cute moth companion blizzard released. When idle it would flutter back and forth and dust specks would fall off of it. Sometime mid WotLK, and since then, when idle it would just flap it's wings.

Does anyone know WHY they ruined my once favorite pet? Maybe a programmer oversight when they changed some code? Is there a reasonable way to get the correct attention to put such a simple and pleasing animation back into effect? This was by far my favorite companion pet, and now it just flaps it's wings. Very disappointing. It was a very unique pet that should have never been altered. It seemed to get broken about the same time as Blizzard was having issues with consistency in their flying pet height (ie sometimes they would fly on the floor, sometimes way over head).

Anyway, just wanted to get my request noted, I also sent a suggestion in game via the help menu and had about 30 others do the same.

Silly, maybe? But I miss my original Moth Pets!

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