Very interesting bug involving Polymorph.

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Very interesting bug involving Polymorph.

Post by Tweak » January 20th, 2013, 5:34 am

Forgive me if this is a known bug, but I saw little about it when I searched, beyond one old post on the WoW forums that was less detailed than mine...

I was playing my mage just now and running through Org when I discovered a very interesting and seemingly repeatable bug the net result of which gives you very... shall we say, Unique? Pet...

My mage has glyph of Crittermorph. That's the glyph which makes polymorph last for a full day when cast on Critters. I used it on a Spiny Lizard in Org and then battled said lizard... here is the series of events that followed...
  • The lizard, when viewed in the wild, was red-orange, before I polymorphed it.

    I polymorphed it into a Black Pig and proceeded to battle it.

    When battled, it reverted to a lizard, but was now a black lizard. (Interesting in and of itself, as I seemingly caused a primary pet to change color)

    By happy coincidence, the lizard was rare and I happened to have my Terrible Turnip at the ready, so I decided to catch it.

    Once captured, though the pet is listed as a Spiny Lizard in my pet journal, the model that appears in my journal when I click on the pet is in fact, a black pig. It says "Spiny Lizard" and has "Spiny Lizard" stats and abilities, but I'm looking at a pig model in my journal.

    Once summoned to my side, the pet in the game world, reverts to a Lizard, HOWEVER... upon summoning and de-summoning it, it will swap colors. It is not always its original red, nor the black I caught it in, and can sometimes appear white, yellow, or any spiny lizard color at random, even though it's a primary pet and shouldn't behave as such.
I tried this again on a few more random lizards and dung beetles around Org and the result was always the same...

What you end up with is a pet that not only appears with the incorrect model in your journal, but you can essentially force any wild pet to become a color-randomizer... it seems.

I logged in and out several times. Switched characters. It had no effect. I still had my Rainbow Pig-Lizard.

I'm aware that Crittermorph is supposed to last 24 hours by design, so I'm anxious to see what effect, if any, the duration will have on my new pet in a day's time.

I'm not saying this necessarily makes the pet... appealing... per say. It's not really a pro or a con, since the effect is weird and merely cosmetic. But it's interesting to say the least.

Just thought I'd share, if any other mages want to experiment.

PS. If there are any Galaxy Quest fans out there, I thought you'd like to know that I named my Pig-Lizard Gorignak. :P ;)
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Re: Very interesting bug involving Polymorph.

Post by GormanGhaste » January 20th, 2013, 9:01 am

This works with hunter pets as well. If you tame a beast while polymorphed and it comes in multiple colors in the wild, it will be a color-changer.
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Re: Very interesting bug involving Polymorph.

Post by Verdigris » January 25th, 2013, 6:24 pm

This does indeed work - and what makes it more interesting is that it's a way to get at least one color-changer that's impossible to get by other means. The Cat is only available in Elywnn and Eversong, and both of those zones are too low-level to have multiple-pet battles - so it's not possible to catch a Cat in a secondary or tertiary slot, even though they DO come in different colors. Polymorph one, though, and there you have it! A chameleon cat!

This was the only pet I could think of which is available in multiple colors and ONLY as a primary, but if there are others, let's hear 'em!

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