Same Model As... Boss Battles

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Same Model As... Boss Battles

Post by Rioriel » April 30th, 2021, 5:36 am

Hey gang,

I realised there's a "similar models to" section on collectible pets, but was wondering if a section could be included with the various uncapturable boss pets. Realise this may be a bit of an ask to add all these to the database (especially as you obviously can't capture an NPC's pets).

Reason I thought of it was in the Blackround Mountain fight, there was a cool model - Wanderer (Alran Heartshade's third pet) which I think is unique. It's a sand elemental, with a hood and claws. Bit like the Winter Rageling drop from Hodir but without hammer and shield. It's SO cool.

:geek: Wondered if there was anyway we could go "hey that npc's pets look cool... what's a bit like THAT one?" Probably a total ballache, and tbh it didn't take me all that long to check here, look up pets by family then through the categories and have a look, but yknow... just an idea :D


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