Latest Patch and PVP

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Latest Patch and PVP

Post by Drudatz » March 22nd, 2014, 8:01 am

Is it me or did the latest patch totally fucked up the numbers you do/get dmg as well as the crit chances?

I have abilities that should hit for 210 and then only hits for 199 (surge),
Barrage or alike 50% abilities that hit 3 times in a row everytime,
abilities that shoudl hit for 410 and then hit me 610(!) dmg WITHOUT being a crit?

TDLR: numbers = totally rng now and tooltips = useless?

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Re: Latest Patch and PVP

Post by Digem » March 22nd, 2014, 12:55 pm

RNG is an evil mistress and you might be going through a very rough patch with it.
Believe me it happens.
As for 50 percent abilities seems the fixed the idol but the penguin belly slid still hits way more than it should.
I was hit 5 times in a row with it killing my last two pets and letting the penguin team win.
That was all he had left and one of my pets was fully healthy.
I missed 3 of the 5 times I know I had that debuff that the penguin does on me but I was using my imp and it's move is a 90% hit chance move and even with debuff is 70% I shouldn't miss 3 out of 5 while a 50% move hits 5 out of 5.
I know it gets annoying at times I yell at the screen and move on what can ya do?

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Re: Latest Patch and PVP

Post by Se5s » March 26th, 2014, 10:55 pm

i recently tested demolish with an idol, some bear and a deweaponized mech companion. i used only demolish for an hour or so, and had used it about 100 times. over that many attempts it is indeed a 50% chance to hit. but i found that it would hit 2-3 times and then miss as many as 8 in a row. it would even out to 50-ish% in certain fights where it would land 3 times in a row for well over 1500 damage, then the pet would die and the next one would land 1 hit, miss 2 and land 2 more, die, next pet would land 3 in a row...but then i would lose the next 3 fights landing only 1 hit, MAYBE 2. i don't know what they changed but it seems to me that the moves' percentages were based on a match by match basis where now they seem to be spread out over many matches which completely eliminates consistency. in other words, if a move has a 50% chance to hit and this chance is checked against only about 6 attacks (which is on average about how many attacks a pet will get in), then u could easily land 2-4 in a row because the chance roll is only going to be 3 out of 6. where now it's checking against many matches; meaning that the numbers are much higher, so instead of a roll of 6, it might be rolling 30 out 60, which is still 50%, but with a lot more chances to land a bad number within a single fight. this is just speculation, but my test supports this hypothesis.

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