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Battle Pet Theme Teams!

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Battle Pet Theme Teams!

Postby Tiaril » February 3rd, 2014, 3:01 am

These are my theme teams. :D
NOTE: SS means "silver screen", "-A" means "allies", "-V" means "villains"

I hope you enjoy the list, and that it inspires you to create lots of fun Theme Teams, too!!

Several Baby Boss teams, based on the Dungeons in which they're found, of course! Who doesn't have those, right? Let's get on with the teams that were inspired by something a little more whimsical than raid grinds. ;)

Curiousity Kills
Curiouser (Curious Oracle Hatchling)
Curiouser (Curious Wolvar Pup)
Deadcat (Creepy Crate*)
* There was a temptation to name the crate "Schrodinger", but I wanted the pun to be a little more obvious when someone comes across us battling out in the world.

GoT* House Stark
Stark (Fjord Worg Pup)
Arryn (White Tickbird Hatchling)
Tully (Tiny Goldfish)
* I'm working on more Game of Thrones teams, but there are so few baby feline cubs that aren't white or require rep currency.

Hallow's End
Creepy Crate
McGonagall (Feline Familiar)
Skellington (Sinister Squashling)

Misfit Toys
Hermey (Father Winter's Helper)
Rudolf (Winter Reindeer)
Sam (Tiny Snowman)

Old Skool Drood
Baredrood (Darkshore Cub)
Boomdrood (Moonkin Hatchling )
Treedrood (Withers)

Raid Food - Seafood Magnifique
Lava Crab
Magical Crawdad

Rock Paper Scissors
Lofty Libran
Tiny Harvester

Blighted Squirrel
Infected Squirrel
Mechanical Squirrel

Bandit (Worg Pup*)
Tinker (Fluxfire Feline)
Pirate (De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion)
* A marvelous three-issue comic; as soon as they're a mechanical puppy in game, the set will be made comic-canon.

SS Sorceror's Apprentice
Enchanted Broom
Mickey (Giant Sewer Rat*)
Water Waveling
* Chosen for size not color, since Black Rats are tiny.

SS Aladdin
Abu (Darkmoon Monkey)
Iago (Green Wing Macaw)
Rajah (Sand Kitten)

SS Bambi
Bambi (Little Fawn)
Flower (Skunk)
Thumper (Spring Rabbit)

SS Dumbo
Jumbo Jr (Peanut)
Timothy Q Mouse (Mouse)
Jim Crow (Crow)

SS The Lion King
Pumbaa (Mr. Wiggles)
Simbah (Cheetah Cub)
Timon (Brown Prairie Dog)

SS-A Jungle Book
Akela (Worg Pup)
Bagheera (Panther Cub)
Baloo (Dun Morogh Cub*)
* I wanted a "lazy-look" model like the Hyjal Cub, but I can only find them in brown.

SS-V Jungle Book
Kaa (Tree Python)
Louie* (Baby Ape)
Sherekhan (Darkmoon Cub)
* Unfortunately, the UI said that "King Louie" wasn't available. Are pet names unique per server?

SS-A Neverending Story
Falkor (Celestial Dragon)
Grograman (Lucky Quilen Cub)
Morla (Darkmoon Turtle)

SS-V Neverending Story
Herrgmork* (Worg Pup)
Xayide (Lil' Tarecgosa)
Ygramul (Desert Spider)
* Same error with "Gmork", so I added "Herr" as he also went by "Mr Blank" in the later volumes.

AND, because I am the GM for the Team Rocket guild on my server ...
James (Father Winter's Helper)
Jessie (Winter's Little Helper)
Meowth (Orange Tabby Cat)
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Re: Battle Pet Theme Teams!

Postby Waynebrady » February 22nd, 2014, 11:02 pm

Wizard of Oz

Tiny Harvester
Clockwork Gnome

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Re: Battle Pet Theme Teams!

Postby Darolyn » January 18th, 2015, 6:24 pm

Vegetable Stew

Terrible Turnip
Crazy Carrot
Sinister Squashling


Plump Turkey

It's Turkey Lurkey Time!

Highlands Turkey
Plump Turkey

Hmm....maybe I need to eat something....
Thaliana#1794 - My WoW account has 50 toons, so I would so greatly appreciate people creating toons on Kael'Thas or Ghostlands to trade with me. <3

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Re: Battle Pet Theme Teams!

Postby Rendigar » January 20th, 2015, 12:04 pm

Beckiesuedalton wrote:We3*
Bandit (Worg Pup*)
Tinker (Fluxfire Feline)
Pirate (De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion)
* A marvelous three-issue comic; as soon as they're a mechanical puppy in game, the set will be made comic-canon.

There is a mechanical puppy (sort of) in the game: Stonegrinder :D Would that complete it for you?

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