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Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Sellys » September 13th, 2013, 3:19 pm

October 24, 2013: Updated and reformatted info for Lorewalker Cho, Sully "the Pickle" McLeary", and Dr. Ion Goldbloom.

October 17, 2013: Reformatted and added some new info for Blingtron 4000, Shademaster Kiryn, and Wise Mari. Also added that it's one round faster to start with call lightning on Zao.

October 15, 2013: Added detailed information for Taran Zhu, Wrathion, and Chen Stormstout. Also tidied up the Celestial Cuties section.

October 3, 2013: Added Overview.

October 2, 2013: Added attack order for Lorewalker Cho, Sully "the Pickle" McLeary, and Dr. Ion Goldbloom.

September 25, 2013: Added detailed information for Shademaster Kiryn, Wise Mari, and Blingtron 4000. Unfortunately I was sick last night week so I don't have good info for Taran Zhu/Wrathion/Chen. I just kinda muddled my way through them.

September 15th, 2013: Information for Lorewalker Cho, Sully "the Pickle" McLeary, and Dr. Ion Goldbloom, as well as the four Celestial Cuties.


Q: What is the Celestial Tournament?

A: The Celestial Tournament is a solo scenario that can be once per week per account consisting of 7 pet battles. The quest rewards you with a Celestial Coin (you get two bonus coins the first time you finish the Celestial Tournament), 125 valour points, and 1000 Timeless Coins.

You will start off by facing a set of three Tamers that will rotate from week to week. The three possible combinations of tamers are Lorewalker Cho/Dr. Ion Goldbloom/Sully "The Pickle" McLeary, Wrathion/Taran Zhu/Chen Stormstout, and finally Blingtron 4000/Wise Mari/Shademaster Kiryn.

After you have defeated the week's three tamers, you will then be able to battle the Offspring of the Four Celestials. This are similar in nature to the Beasts of Fable in that they're a single powerful pet for your team of 3 pets to defeat. Like the Beasts of Fable they have the -50% damage taken buff as well as a buff similar to that of magic type pets that prevents them from taking more than 35% of their maximum health from a single attack.

The main challenge from the Celestial Tournament comes from the fact that you can't use bandages or your pet healing ability in between fights. The only healing you'll get is the 50% of damage taken during a battle when you win, and whatever healing you manage to do during a battle.

Q: What do I need to be able to attempt the Celestial Tournament?

A: You need to have at least 15 level 25 pets to be able to queue for the scenario. In practice, because of the inability to heal pets outside of combat you will likely want quite a few more than 15, unless you've specifically levelled a group of pets to handle that week's trainers.

Q: How do I queue for the Celestial Tournament?

A: You need to talk to Master Li on the Timeless Isle to queue for the scenario (he also gives you the weekly quest and sells the pets (among other things) you can buy with your celestial coins). If you've never been to the Timeless Isle the first time you go to your faction hub in Pandaria you should get a quest to talk to Chromie at the Seat of Knowledge. Chromie will give you a one use item to teleport to the Timeless Isle. Make sure you grab the flight path there and then you can just fly back whenever you wish.

The Nine Tamers

[npc=71926]Lorewalker Cho[/npc] (16 rounds)
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=72106]Wisdom[/npc] Flying 1600 281 394 [ability]Peck[/ability] [ability]Wild Magic[/ability] [ability]Rip[/ability]
[npc=72104]Patience[/npc] Magic 2209 300 253 [ability]Broom[/ability] [ability]Tranquility[/ability] [ability]Clean Up[/ability]
[npc=72105]Knowledge[/npc] Dragon 1600 431 244 [ability]Tail Sweep[/ability] [ability]Amplify Magic[/ability] [ability]Solar Beam[/ability]

My Team (13 rounds)
Emerald Proto-Whelp (4) (2,1,1) (breed 8 or 10 might work better here, you'd out speed Patience, as long as LO + 2xEB kills Wisdom)
Flayer Youngling (5) (1,2,1) (Another breed should work ok. Cho's pets are sloooow)
Scourged Whelpling (8) (1,1,1) (probably not going to need it)

Start with Emerald Proto-Whelp
Lift Off (1) --> Lift Off (2) --> Emerald Bite --> Ancient Blessing --> Emerald Bite
Wisdom will die.
Emerald Bite --> Emerald Bite --> Emerald Bite (Your EPW should die in here) --> Bring in Flayer Youngling --> Kick --> Blitz --> Blitz
Patience dies.
Blitz --> Kick --> Deflection --> Blitz --> Blitz

Avoiding the Rip from Wisdom is key. It ticks hard with the wild magic debuff up.

NPC ability usage
Wisdom: Wild Magic --> Rip --> Peck --> Peck --> Peck
Patience: Clean Sweep --> Tranquility --> Broom --> Broom --> Broom (Patience is much less consistent in ability usage than Wisdom)
Knowledge: Amplify Magic --> Tail Sweep --> Tail Sweep --> Tail Sweep (I think he only solar beams if it will kill you)

[npc=71934]Dr. Ion Goldbloom[/npc] (13 rounds)
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=72054]Screamer[/npc] Flying 1600 422 253 [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability] [ability]Feign Death[/ability] [ability]Lift-off[/ability]
[npc=72055]Chaos[/npc] Magic 1600 281 394 [ability]Logic[/ability] [ability]Uncertainty[/ability] [ability]Instability[/ability]
[npc=72053]Trike[/npc] Beast 2163 314 248 [ability]Bite[/ability] [ability]Adrenaline Rush[/ability] [ability]Horn Attack[/ability]

My Team
Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (8) (1,2,1)
Nexus Whelpling (4) (1,2,2)
Sen’jin Fetish (4) (2,2,2) Voodoo Figurine from archaeology would work fine too.

Start with Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
Minefield → Swap to Nexus Whelpling → Arcane Storm → Mana Surge → Mana Surge (screamer will feign to avoid and swap in trike who gets decimated by the minefield) → Mana Surge → Your Whelpling dies (swap in BCRB) → Minefield → Missile
Trike dies. Screamer comes in and dies to the minefield.
Swap in Sen’jin Fetish → Wild Magic → Flame Breath → Flame Breath


NPC ability usage
Screamer: Lift Off (1) → Lift Off (2) → Alpha Strike → (Feign Death if below 50% health)
Chaos: Uncertainty → Logic → Instability → Logic
Trike: Adrenaline Rush --> Horn Attack (no stun) --> Bite --> Horn Attack (no stun) --> Adrenaline Rush

[npc=71929]Sully “the Pickle” McLeary[/npc] (16 rounds)
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=72107]Socks[/npc] Undead 1975 319 263 [ability]Claw[/ability] [ability]Infected Claw[/ability] [ability]Unholy Ascension[/ability]
[npc=72109]Monte[/npc] Critter 1600 431 263 [ability]Huge, Sharp Teeth![/ability] [ability]Vicious Streak[/ability] [ability]Burrow[/ability]
[npc=72108]Rikki[/npc] Aquatic 1741 319 309 [ability]Gnaw[/ability] [ability]Cute Face[/ability] [ability]Blood Fang[/ability]

My Team
Darkmoon Turtle (12) (1,2,2)
Fjord Worg Pup (4) (1,2,1)
Crow (10) (1,2,2)

Start with Darkmoon Turtle
Powerball → Powerball → Powerball → Powerball → Powerball → Powerball → Healing Wave
Socks should use Unholy Ascension
Bite → Bite (won’t hit because Monte’s burrowed) → Your turtle should die bring in Fjord Worg Pup → Howl → Leap → Your worg pup will die because I’m bad and math is hard (see Notes) → Bring in Crow → Peck → Call Darkness
Monte will die.
Nocturnal Strike (always hits seems to trump dodge abilities) → Peck

Socks seems to use Unholy Ascension the turn before he dies, instead of saving it for his undead turn.
Monte’s Vicious Streak is not the same 75% speed boost as adrenaline rush, it’s a 100%. So if you’re going to go with the wolf strat get one that’s at least 264 speed (so that the Bite that follows leap will actually go first instead of you just dying like I did).

NPC ability usage
Socks: Infected Claw --> Claw --> Infected Claw --> Infected Claw --> Infected Claw --> Unholy Ascension
Monte: Burrow (1) → Burrow (2) → Vicious Streak → Huge Sharp Teeth! → Huge Sharp Teeth!
Rikiki: Cute Face --> Gnaw --> Gnaw --> Blood Fang --> Gnaw --> Cute Face

Taran Zhu

Yen Humanoid 1600 362 306 [ability]Comeback[/ability] [ability]Blackout Kick[/ability] [ability]Feign Death[/ability]

This guy is somewhat similar to Screamer in that if you kill him Li will come in next, but if you don't kill him, he'll Feign Death and bring in Bolo (b/c he has more health than Li).

Comeback --> Blackout Kick --> Comeback --> Comeback --> Feign Death (he feigns once he's below 50% it seems)

I tried out my lesser Voidcaller since Yen is the one with critter attacks so I wanted to avoid an undead type.

Shadow Shock --> Stunned --> Still Stunned --> Shadow Shock

Li Humanoid 1600 300 394 [ability]Triple Snap[/ability] [ability]Bandage[/ability] [ability]Spin Kick[/ability]

Triple Snap --> Triple Snap --> Triple Snap --> Triple Snap --> Bandage --> Spin Kick --> Triple Snap --> Triple Snap --> Bandage --> Spin Kick --> Triple Snap --> Triple Snap

Yes, it took me forever to kill him. I went through a fossilized hatchling and most of my Mr. Grubbs, and not only that I got my timing messed up so I didn't get the leaps off in the right order for bolo. Li went a long time before stunning me with Spin Kick, not sure how reliable that will prove to be.

Bone Storm --> Ancient Blessing --> Bone Bite --> Bone Bite --> Interrupted --> Bone Storm --> Bone Bite (deaded) --> Bone Bite (undead round) --> Interrupted --> Consume --> Leap --> Consume

Bolo Humanoid 1863 334 300 [ability]Punch[/ability] [ability]Blinding Powder[/ability] [ability]Rampage[/ability]

Bolo is somewhat annoying but he's also predictable since rampage will continue for 3 rounds.

Blinding Powder --> Rampage --> Rampage --> Rampage --> Blinding Powder --> Punch

You really want to kill Li with Leap if you're using a Grub so that you're faster the first round, can go before the blinding powder that Bolo will lead with and only lose one turn to it. Although if Yen feigns you're going to be dealing with Bolo sooner rather than later.

Chen Stormstout

Tonsa Beast 1600 381 287 [ability]Bite[/ability] [ability]Headbutt[/ability] [ability]Chew[/ability]

Headbutt --> Chew (1) --> Bite (and Chew (2)) --> Chew (1)

Darkmoon Zeppelin is awesome here. The decoy will absorb the Chew and Bite in round 3.

Decoy --> Missile --> Missile --> Missile

Chirps Critter 1600 319 375 [ability]Flank[/ability] [ability]Lullaby[/ability] [ability]Locust Swarm[/ability]

Lullaby --> Locust Swarm (1) --> Locust Swarm (2) --> Flank --> Flank --> Locust Swarm (1) --> Locust Swarm (2) --> Lullaby --> Flank

I used a spider with brittle webbing. I should have swapped to the spider once the zeppelin had been put to sleep but I didn't.

Poison Spit --> Brittle Webbing --> Sleeping --> Sleeping (chirps killed himself via damage from Brittle webbing during flank)

Brewly Elemental 2069 300 281 [ability]Brew Bolt[/ability] [ability]Barrel Toss[/ability] [ability]Inebriate[/ability]

Inebriate --> Barrel Toss (1) --> Brew Bolt --> Barrel Toss (2) --> Brew Bolt --> Inebriate --> Barrel Toss (1)

After my spider died I brought in a frog to finish him off.

Poison Spit (miss) --> Poison Spit (hit) --> Brittle Webbing --> Dead --> Cleansing Rain --> Frog Kiss --> Frog Kiss (miss) --> Frog Kiss (crit)


Cindy Undead 1600 300 375 [ability]Diseased Bite[/ability] [ability]Blistering Cold[/ability] [ability]Ice Tomb[/ability]

Ice Tomb --> Blistering Cold --> Diseased Bite --> Diseased Bite --> Blistering Cold --> Diseased Bite (Died) --> Ice Tomb (Free Round)

I used a bunny. Critters take less damage from the elemental attacks and have plenty of options for avoiding the ice tombs. Unfortunately you're not going to find a bunny with greater than 375 so you're only going to get one use out of your dodge.

Scratch --> Scratch --> Burrow (avoid Ice Tomb) --> Burrow (2) (Miss) --> Scratch --> Scratch --> Dodge (turns out you can't dodge Blistering Cold damage and Alex lead with Ancient Blessing so this was a waste).

Alex Dragonkin 1975 300 300 [ability]Breath[/ability] [ability]Ancient Blessing[/ability] [ability]Flamethrower[/ability]

Ancient Blessing --> Flamethrower (Miss) --> Breath --> Breath --> Ancient Blessing --> Flamethrower --> Breath

I brought in my S/S Flayer Youngling after my bunny died.

Scratch --> Burrow (1) --> Burrow (2) --> Scratch (died to subsequent Breath) --> Blitz (3 hits) --> Blitz (2 hits) --> Blitz (2 hits) --> Blitz (2 hits)

Dah'da Dragonkin 1600 375 300 [ability]Shadowflame[/ability] [ability]Roll[/ability] [ability]Elementium Bolt[/ability]

Elementium Bolt --> Roll --> Shadow Flame --> Interrupted --> Dead

The S/S flayer youngling really shines here. The only damage you'll take is from the roll.

Blitz (2 hits) --> Blitz (2 hits) --> Deflection (avoids Shadowflame and Elementium Bolt) --> Kick --> Blitz (3 hits)

[npc=71933]Blingtron 4000[/npc]
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=72098]Au[/npc] Elemental 1600 384 272 [ability]Gilded Fist[/ability] [ability]Goldskin[/ability] [ability]Gold Rush[/ability]
[npc=72099]Banks[/npc] Critter 2069 300 281 [ability]Make it Rain[/ability] [ability]Uncanny Luck[/ability] [ability]Buried Treasure[/ability]
[npc=72100]Lil' B[/npc]Mechanical 1694 300 356 [ability]SMACKTHAT.EXE[/ability] [ability]Extra Plating[/ability] [ability]Blingtron Gift Package[/ability]

My Team (13 rounds)
Toothy (1,1,2)
Zandalari Kneebiter (10) (2,2,1) Breed 5 or 8 should also work, or a Breed 15,18,20 Zandalari Anklerender (2,1,2)
Core Hound Pup (1,1,1)

Start with Toothy
Surge --> Rip --> Blood in the Water
Au will die
Surge (you'll probably die, if you're still alive, rip) --> (Bring in Zandalari) Black Claw --> Hunting Party (1) --> Hunting Party (2)
Banks dies.
Leap --> Black Claw (you'll die after) --> (Bring in Corehound Pup) Burn --> Howl -->Burn --> Burn

Not thrilled with Toothy here. He's awesome for the job if you have him, but a bit too specific for my tastes. But most of the other stuff I tried wasn't working. That Gold Rush that Au uses hits really really hard and if you're slower than he is he has Goldskin up 100% of the time and you do almost no damage.

NPC ability usage
Au: Goldskin --> Gold Rush --> Goldskin --> Gilded Fist
Banks: Make it Rain --> Buried Treasure --> Make it Rain --> Uncanny Luck
Lil' B: Extra Plating --> SMACKTHAT.EXE --> SMACKTHAT.EXE --> Blingtron Gift Package --> SMACKTHAT.EXE --> Extra Plating

[npc=71932]Wise Mari[/npc] (18 rounds)
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=72113]Carpe Diem[/npc] Aquatic 2209 300 263 [ability]Grasp[/ability] [ability]Cleansing Rain[/ability] [ability]Dreadful Breath[/ability]
[npc=72115]Spirus[/npc] Magic 1600 375 300 [ability]Arcane Blast[/ability] [ability]Healing Wave[/ability] [ability]Soul Ward[/ability]
[npc=72114]River[/npc] Elemental 1600 300 384 [ability]Whirlpool[/ability] [ability]Pump[/ability] [ability]Dive[/ability]

My Team
Qiraji Guardling (4) (1,2,1) Other breeds will work but if you're faster than 263 you'll have to use Sandstorm on round 2 not round 1.
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1,1,2)
Eternal Strider (8) (1,2,2)

Start with Qiraji Guardling
Sandstorm --> Reckless Strike --> Crush --> Reckless Strike --> Crush --> Reckless Strike --> Crush
Carpe Diem will die somewhere in here.
Crush --> Reckless Strike --> Crush --> Reckless Strike --> Crush (soaks soul ward) --> You'll die (bring in Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling --> Breath
Spirus should die.
Decoy --> Swap in Eternal Strider --> Pump (charge) --> Pump (hit) --> Water Jet --> Water Jet

Once Carpe Diem dies, you're probably better off just swapping in your dragonling. You can save the Guardling's humanoid attacks for Yu'la. Not happy with the Eternal Strider here, there's probably better choices to deal with river.

NPC ability usage
Carpe Diem: Cleansing Rain --> Dreadful Breath for 3 rounds --> Dreadful Breath for 3 more rounds.
Spirus: Arcane Blast --> Arcane Blast --> Healing Wave --> Arcane Blast --> Soul Ward --> Healing Wave --> Arcane Blast
River: Whirlpool --> Dive --> Dive --> Pump --> Whirlpool --> Pump

[npc=71930]Shademaster Kiryn[/npc]
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
[npc=71897]Nairn[/npc] Humanoid 2256 300 244 [ability]Nairn![/ability] [ability]Call of Winter[/ability] [ability]Giant's Blood[/ability]
[npc=72097]Stormoen[/npc] Mechanical 1600 413 272 [ability]Batter[/ability] [ability]Call Lightning[/ability] [ability]Build Turret[/ability]
[npc=71898]Summer[/npc] Beast 1577 295 384 [ability]Bite[/ability] [ability]Dodge[/ability] [ability]Prowl[/ability]

My Team (20 rounds)
Stitched Pup (1,2,2)
Amethyst Shale Hatchling (5) (1,2,1)
Darkmoon Zeppelin (1,2,2)

Start with Stitched Pup.
Howl --> Plagued Blood --> Diseased Bite --> Diseased Bite --> Diseased Bite
Nairn died.
Swap in Amethyst Shale Hatchling --> Stoneskin --> Burn --> Burn --> Burn --> Burn --> Burn
Stormoen dies.
Stoneskin (to finish soaking the turrets) --> Burn (dodged) --> Burn (goes first b/c he's prowling) You'll die, swap in Zeppelin --> Missile --> Missile --> Missile (dodged) --> Decoy --> Missile

There's a lot of tidying up to do in this one. My stitched pup wasn't level 25. You could either go Plagued Blood --> Howl --> Diseased Bite x2 to save yourself a round, or maybe even Howl --> Diseased Bite x2 to save 2 rounds, although I'm guessing it wouldn't be quite enough damage to kill him. A different breed of shale hatchling would likely work better as well. There are many with 273 or 289 speed and more than the 260 my S/S breed was sporting. I think that'd save you a round or two as well.

NPC ability usage
Nairn: Giant's Blood --> Call of Winter --> Nairn! --> Nairn --> Giant's Blood
Stormoen: Call Lightning --> Build Turret --> Batter --> Batter --> Build Turret --> Batter
Summer: Dodge --> Prowl --> Bite --> Bite --> Bite --> Dodge --> Bite --> Prowl

The Four Celestial Cuties

Xu-fu, Cub of Xuen: Beast 2209 606 296 [ability]Spirit Claws[/ability] [ability]Moonfire[/ability] [ability]Feed[/ability]

Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius (ie the standard Beasts of Fable team) works well on Xu-fu.

Start with PWS and use Geyser followed by Whirlpool. Then swap in Chrominius, Howl, and Surge of Power.

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao Beast 2584 572 276 [ability]Trample[/ability] [ability]Niuzao's Charge[/ability] [ability]Wish[/ability]

My Team (6 rounds)
A flying type with flock or swarm that's faster than Zao even without the flying racial.
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (1,1,2)

Start with Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.
Call Lightning --> Swap --> Flock --> Flock (die)--> Metal Fist --> Ion Cannon

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon Dragon 2209 606 287 [ability]Jade Breath[/ability] [ability]Emerald Presence[/ability] [ability]Lift Off[/ability]

Yu-la's the most straightforward of the 4 celestials cuties, since she doesn't have a heal. It's been reported that a Gregarious Grell can solo her, but if you're like me an don't have one of those, your typical humanoids like Anubisath Idol (use stoneskin over sandstorm, and avoid the liftoff hit), or a feral vermling will work fine. I had a Kun-lai runt as my third pet just in case but he didn't get into the fight. DO NOT use multi hit attacks. Like Ti'un, Yu-la has a shield, which combined with the 50% damage reduction means multiple small hits won't do anything to her.

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-ji Flying 2209 606 310 [ability]Fire Quills[/ability] [ability]Ethereal[/ability] [ability]Tranquility[/ability]

You may as well get as much use out of your Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius as you can. I've found that if you do Xu-fu first the two pets you used on him will stay be able to deal with Chi-Chi.

Geyser --> Whirlpool --> Swap (chi-chi uses her dodge move) --> Howl --> Surge of Power
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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Sellys » October 15th, 2013, 2:34 pm

Alright, I think I'm willing to have people see this now. More (and better) info to be added but this will due for a start.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Anasa » October 15th, 2013, 6:33 pm

This looks pretty comprehensive on the moves used by the various trainer pets, but it's very hard to read. It's not easy at all to pick out what your teams are for each one.

I realize you probably exported this from a spreadsheet, and will probably work on the sections a little more. You probably want to at least use the pet linking to emphasize which pets you used.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Sellys » October 16th, 2013, 10:23 am

Yeah, it is a bit of a mess right now. I'm hoping that with some more time and a rewrite or two, that I'll begin treating the trainers as one fight. Right now I'm sort of looking at each of their pets individually instead of treating them as one fight. Once I turn it into a single battle of 3 v 3 instead of 3 battles of 1 v 1 things will hopefully tidy up a bit.

I'm also kind of stuck figuring out what I want this guide to be. I'm not entirely sure if it's intended to get the people with 100+ pets through the tournament as quickly as possible or if it's for the people just starting out with pet battles to get them prepared to start winning the tournament as fast as possible.

If it's the second one, and that's the way I'm leaning, saying that I used Mojo might be detrimental, since it's not Mojo specifically that's important, any frog will do really.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Sanzul » October 16th, 2013, 3:05 pm

If you want to make it more generally useful for everyone, making a short list of "useful" and "ideal" pets for each enemy could work. Most fights have some pet that's a perfect counter but which not everyone will have, along with a lot of pets that work well but may not be quite as reliable.

As an example, an [pet]Imperial Silkworm[/pet] will utterly murder Taran Zhu's first pet without you having to worry about his [ability]Feign Death[/ability] ability. [ability]Consume[/ability] deals bonus damage against him (meaning you also get bonus healing), [ability]Sticky Goo[/ability] means he can't swap out, a well-timed [ability]Burrow[/ability] negates his dodge, and being a critter makes you immune to his stun. Just alternate Consume/Sticky Goo and use Burrow once his health drops below 50%, and you'll pretty much end the fight at full health.

There are plenty of other pets that can deal with that opponent in case you haven't upgraded/leveled your silkworm (they're basically free in the auction house, so I assume everyone has one), but none will do it quite so elegantly.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Kpb321 » October 16th, 2013, 4:14 pm

Anasa wrote:This looks pretty comprehensive on the moves used by the various trainer pets, but it's very hard to read. It's not easy at all to pick out what your teams are for each one.

I realize you probably exported this from a spreadsheet, and will probably work on the sections a little more. You probably want to at least use the pet linking to emphasize which pets you used.

I have to agree it's pretty hard to read. I think part of it is you have the enemies abilities listed but don't have your pets abilities spelled out. You also list out the move order you saw from the enemies pets with no obvious (to me anyway) label.

I think a little of formatting and reorganization would help.

Lorewalker Cho
Pet Type Health Power Speed Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
Wisdom Flying 1600 281 394 Peck Wild Magic Rip
Patience Magic 2209 300 253 Broom Tranquility Clean Up
Knowledge Dragon 1600 431 244 Tail Sweep Amplify Magic Solar Beam

Your Team
Emerald Proto Whelp (2,1,1)
Flayer Youngling (1,2,1)
Only use two pets as far as I could tell =)

Start with Emerald Proto Whelp
Proto Strike (1) --> Proto Strike (2) --> Emerald Bite --> Ancient Blessing --> Emerald Bite
Wisdom should die
Emerald Bite --> Proto Strike (1) --> Proto Strike (2) (avoided Clean Up swap) --> Emerald Proto Whelp Dies
Flayer Youngling
--> Kick --> Blitz to finish off Patience
Blitz --> Deflection (to dodge expected solar beam, didn't happen) --> Kick --> Blitz --> Blitz to kill Knowledge

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Pugnatwo » October 17th, 2013, 7:35 am

Knowledge Dragon 1600 431 244 Tail Sweep Amplify Magic Solar Beam

His Attack order is:

Amp Magic --> Tail Sweep --> Tail Sweep ---> Amp Magic --> Solar Beam --> Rest --> Rest

He has never lasted past the Rest Portion for me, so I can't confirm if he repeats or what. I would save your Deflection for the turn after the second amp magic if you can. Then you can kick after the second rest turn as well to get 2 free hits :D

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Enan1981 » October 2nd, 2014, 3:43 pm

Just wanted to comment and say your guide has been excellent! Its helped me with my tournament a lot. This is my 2nd week so thank you for making this awesome guide. Ive switched some stuffs around but youve helped me build a team ^_^

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Sellys » October 7th, 2014, 2:10 pm

I'm glad someone found it useful. I kind of stopped updating it. I could never really decide if I wanted the guide to be "This is the fastest, most consistent way of doing it" or if I wanted it to be "This is the simplest way of doing it (ie not needing specific pets".

I liked the second way better, but it was awkward to write up that way.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Guide V. 1.0

Postby Aeranel » October 11th, 2014, 5:43 pm

I used it, too. Helped me decide which last couple of pets for my team to level. I have plenty of full strength pets, but as I leveled mist of those when I was a new collector, not so many of the more rare or elite ones. So I was struggling to,figure out which gift mix would work best. Headed back to the tournament today hoping for my first win. :)

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