Frisco's Beast of Fable guide

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Frisco's Beast of Fable guide

Post by Frisco » September 9th, 2013, 12:56 pm

This is the path I take to do these and how I defeat them.


Any roach/beetle with Survival and Apocalypse
2 mechs both with a heal and shield or two tank pets

Start with Roach, cast Apocalypse, switch to a mech, cast heal, cast shield, cast what ever. The goal here is to last 15 rounds not kill him. If both mechs die before last round, bring roach back in and cast Survival.


Chicken or another pet with Flock
Your most powerful mech
Another mech

Cast Flock (last three rounds unless stunded)As this doubles the damage of your next two rounds. Switch to your best mech, cast your strongest hit. do not try to heal or shield just hit him till you die, bring back in chicken cast flock if you can again, you will probably die first. Bring in final mech and finish him.

Ti'un the Wanderer

3 moths Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Dust

Start with Moth Dust. Alpha Strike and Moth Dust on CD. Save Cocoon Strike for after he pumps. There is luck involved here, as he pumps then waits 1-3 rounds to cast it. More times than not he casts a wave first then fires it, so soak the wave after pump (pun intended)then Cocoon Strike. A lot of luck over all in this fight depending on how soon he casts shield, and draws the fight out as each wave damages your back pets also.


Same set up as above

Save Cocoon strike for his dive, don't waste a Moth dust on his barricade. You will probably solo him with your first moth.


Darkmoon Zeppelin - Missile/Decoy/Bombing Run
Lil XT - Zap/Boombot
Tiny Harvester - Metal Fist

Start with bombing run cast decoy, fire missile til bombing run cd comes off or your dead. Boombot then zap til CD or dead. Metal fist til one of you are dead.

Skitterer Xi'a

3 Moths

Usual setup.

Just burn them down. Can't lose unless Dust misses everytime.


Darkmoon Zeppelin Missile/Decoy/Bombing Run
Lil XT Zap/Heal/Boombot
Clockwork Gnome Fist/Heal/Torret

Bombing Run, Decoy, Missle, second Bombing run if still alive. Boombot, Heal, Boombot, Zap til dead. Torret, Heal, Torret, Fist til dead

Lucky Yi

Any Fox or pet with Bite/Howl
Any Spider with Strike/Brittle Webbing/Swarm

Howl, Bite, bite, howl, bite. Brittle Webbing, swarm, strike

Ka'wi the Gorger

Same as above


Any 2 Undead with beast attacks
Any Spider Brittle Webbing/Swarm

Just burn him down, he does not heal if one of your undead pets die. The spider is just a back up.

Well that's the way I do them, there may be a few easier ways out there. If you have any questions reply here or ask in game. Frisco-Alexstrasza

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