Need Some Help Levelling

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Need Some Help Levelling

Post by Raerianna » October 11th, 2012, 12:29 pm

I've been looking around for some sort of guide for leveling up a team. I've done the go get a bandicoot (rare), I've gotten to the point in the quest where it asks me to battle tamers on kalimdor and eastern kingdoms (half of which I can't beat.) I'm currently trying to get my Ony whelp up to par but I keep running into walls. Grinding out battles against wild pets even 2 levels higher or so is so slow for her to gain xp (current team rare spider 16, rare bandicoot 22, Ony whelp 12). Is there any other way to do this? I understand that I get more xp from battling trainers..but the trainers currently are of mostly higher level than my team can beat.

Any suggestions, tips, hints are appreciated...


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Re: Need Some Help Levelling

Post by Linaomine » October 11th, 2012, 1:49 pm ... evel-pets/

That is what I used, it requires you to get up to around 18 or so but its not too bad. I just would enter battles and try my best to solo or duo the teams so that the xp isn't spread through all three. You also need to make sure you use appropriate pets for the opponents(don't put an undead up against a critter because it will have weakened damage etc.) Also around level 11 you can go to Karazhan crypts from 12am-6am and get a shadeling which is around a 16-17, super easy to acquire even with level 11's.

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Re: Need Some Help Levelling

Post by Bronxthug » October 11th, 2012, 2:54 pm

Start by paying attention to the elemental strengths and weaknesses. For example, that link Linaomine posted is a good idea. However, it was GREAT for leveling up my Nordrassil Wisp, Jade Oozeling, and Oily Slimeling. Magic is strong against Flying. They breezed through the Dragonbone Hatchlings. And, you would probably want to raise a Flying pet now that you probably caught one. Flying is strong against Aquatic. So, look for crabs and frogs which are usually by the shoreline.

That will also help you pick up pets that may seem tough. Fel Flame in Shadowmoon Valley hits like a tank. But, Critters, although strong against Undead, have a defensive strength against elemental damage. Even if you didn't have a sufficient Aquatic pet, you can still mash it out with a Critter, like a roach of some sort.

Just to recap, it's all about those strengths and weaknesses. If you don't have a pet that's strong, you may have one that the other pet is weak against. If you do have one that's strong, you can fight pets 2-3 levels higher.

Something else that I do, because I have 4 level 25 pets now, I'll let the 25 do all the dirty work until the final pet has very little HP. I keep passing until the first pet dies. Then, switch in the other pet to finish it up to get the super bonus. The original pet is dead and doesn't get any XP anyway. Perhaps, that's a glitch. Usually, in the game, when you die, you still pick up XP. But, when the pet dies, it gets nothing if you win the match. The last pet standing gets all the credit although it did very little work. The only problem is, will the pet survive - not miss 4x in a row or get one-shotted.

My only problem is leveling up Elementals. I have a Fel Flame and Water Waveling, both at level 20 now. They're strong against Mechanical pet. The highest mechanical pets are 17 in Winterspring and you rarely see them. Also, not a lot of Undead around for Critter leveling, only 17 in Kara.

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Re: Need Some Help Levelling

Post by Cropher » October 12th, 2012, 10:36 am

I've been leveling my Water Waveling in Deepholme, because the Tidal Wave ability is strong vs. elementals, hits the whole opposite team, and there are usually at least two elemental pets in any group there (Deepholme, that is). It's not uncommon for it to take out the whole set of opponents by itself, which gives it a lot of xp; it doesn't have healing though so you do need the stable master. Or lots of pet bandages. :)

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