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Battle Teams

Post by Muskogean » October 9th, 2012, 8:48 am

I'm a long time user as a reference guide for my pet-addiction and making my first post since pet battles has fed that addiction.

I am loving the pet-battle-teams as well as the quality-notifier addons. What I'd really like to see now is a way to name the teams. Not only is it more fun but it's a way to organize with a laugh. Although less than perfectly efficient I tend to team pets in like trios for early leveling and to know from whence to grab them to assemble a specific team against a known opponent.

With that in mind, following is a list of some of my teams [I'd just like to give them the official moniker onscreen]:

Chicken, Ancona Chicken, Westfall Chicken - Team KFC.
Cheetah Cub, Panther Cub, Snow Cub - Kute, Kuddly, Kittens.
Skunk, Mountain Skunk, Stinker - Chemical Warfare.
Personal World Destroyer, Tiny Harvester, Lil XT - Gundam (probably have to be an anime fan).
Lil Ragnaros, Lil K.T., Lil Onyxia - Team Evil.
Magical Crawdad, Shore Crab, Strand Crab - Seafood Delight.

These are just a few of my musings on pet-battle teams. :)

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Re: Battle Teams

Post by Tiaril » October 19th, 2012, 4:31 pm

These are my theme teams. :D
NOTE: SS means "silver screen", "-A" means "allies", "-V" means "villains"

I hope you enjoy the list, and that it inspires you to create lots of fun Theme Teams, too!!

Alpha Team
Kirin Tor Familiar
Restless Shadeling
Vampiric Batling

Curiousity Kills
Curiouser (Curious Oracle Hatchling)
Curiouser (Curious Wolvar Pup)
Deadcat (Creepy Crate)

GoT* House Stark
Stark (Fjord Worg Pup)
Arryn (White Tickbird Hatchling)
Tully (Tiny Goldfish)
* I'm working on more Game of Thrones teams, but there are so few baby feline cubs that aren't white or require rep currency.

Hallow's End
Creepy Crate
McGonagall (Feline Familiar)
Skellington (Sinister Squashling)

Misfit Toys
Hermey (Father Winter's Helper)
Rudolf (Winter Reindeer)
Sam (Tiny Snowman)

Old Skool Drood
Baredrood (Darkshore Cub)
Boomdrood (Moonkin Hatchling )
Treedrood (Withers)

Blighted Squirrel
Infected Squirrel
Mechanical Squirre)

SS Aladdin
Abu (Darkmoon Monkey)
Iago (Green Wing Macaw)
Rajah (Sand Kitten)

SS Bambi
Bambi (Little Fawn)
Flower (Skunk)
Thumper (Spring Rabbit)

SS Lion King
Pumbaa (Mr. Wiggles)
Simbah (Cheetah Cub)
Timon (Brown Prairie Dog)

SS-A Jungle Book
Akela (Worg Pup)
Bagheera (Panther Cub)
Baloo (Dun Morogh Cub*)
*I wanted a "lazy-look" model like the Hyjal Cub, but I can only find them in brown.

SS-V Jungle Book
Kaa (Tree Python)
Louie* (Baby Ape)
Sherekhan (Darkmoon Cub)
*Unfortunately, the UI said that "King Louie" wasn't available. Are pet names unique per server?

SS-A Neverending Story
Falkor (Celestial Dragon)
Grograman (Lucky Quilen Cub)
Morla (Darkmoon Turtle)

SS-V Neverending Story
Herrgmork* (Worg Pup)
Xayide (Lil' Tarecgosa)
Ygramul (Desert Spider)
*Same error with "Gmork", so I added "Herr" as he also went by "Mr Blank" in the later volumes.

Team Rocket*
James (Father Winter's Helper)
Jessie (Winter's Little Helper)
Meowth (Orange Tabby Cat)
*I am the GM for the Team Rocket guild on my server. :P

Bandit (Worg Pup)
Tinker (Cornish Rex Cat)
Pirate (De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion)
*A marvelous three-issue comic.

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Re: Battle Teams

Post by Taleranor » October 19th, 2012, 10:18 pm

Bandit (Worg Pup)
Tinker (Cornish Rex Cat)
Pirate (De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion)
That's diabolical. I think I love you. Or fear you.

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Re: Battle Teams

Post by Tiaril » October 21st, 2012, 8:01 am

Thanks, Taleranor! Love and fear is a powerful combo. LOL

Side note:
I've created another new team since I made that post - The Sorceror's Apprentice, consisting of a Black Rat renamed "Mickey" (for better visual continuity, as all the actual Mice seem to be white), the Enchanted Broom from the Icecrown Tournament, and the Water Waveling from Drak'Sotra Fields.

If I can acquire a second Mr Wiggles, I'm going to do a Charlotte's Web team - with Wilbur, Templeton, and Charlotte. If I can figure out what to use for Eyeore to go along with the Hyjal Cub and one more Mr Wiggles, I want to do a Pooh team. I also want to do a Maleficient team, but I can't figure out what to add to my Lil' Onyxia and the Gilnean Raven. Disney's Robin Hood could be fun, too; perhaps a Rooster of some kind to go along with a "Robin" fox and a "Little John" Hyjal bear.

So many ideas ... so little time to get Rares of them all! :D

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Re: Battle Teams

Post by Blessaidlee » October 21st, 2012, 10:51 am

I havent named my teams yet but Ive named the pets cute names

Clockwork Gnome is Mario
Father Winter Helper is Luigi
wander festival hatchling is bowser
Lil XT is Robotnik
Peddlefeet is Cupid
Celestrial Dragon is Dratini
Pandaren Monk is Po
Flayer youngling is Shredder
Nordissal Wisp is Navi

I realize I misspelled the pets but I wanted to share these cute names I think fit

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