Are Legendary Pets Supposed to Hit More Often?

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Are Legendary Pets Supposed to Hit More Often?

Post by NathKnave » July 19th, 2013, 7:33 am

I know the human brain is funny in that it tends to remember good or bad luck streaks a good deal better than what you would call "normal" random behavior. I got so frustrated with Dusty, the Whispering Pandaren Spirit's first pet, however, that I started to keep track of its Moth Balls attack. In case anyone is unfamiliar with how Moth Balls works (you never know), each time the ability is used you see five attacks, the first four dealing damage and the fifth for the speed reduction. The ability has a listed accuracy of 50%, yet Dusty seems far more accurate.

I tallied hits and misses during 25 battles against Dusty, all during my Anubisath Idol's Sandstorm. With a listed accuracy of 40% (Dusty is a Critter), I recorded 99 attacks with 242 hits and 154 misses, counting only the damaging parts of the attacks (not the speed reduction). I started to also keep track of the ability without the Sandstorm, but when the first two attacks hit four times each and the third hit three times, I just gave up.

I know RNG is RNG, and 396 attacks isn't close to the thousands I would need for a really good sample, but to me it seems like legendary pets follow different rules than other pets. The only other pet I fight regularly that has the Moth Balls ability is Mo'ruk's Lightstalker, but it seems that it hits much closer to the listed accuracy of 50%.

Is anyone else having the same experience that I'm having, or am I just incredibly unlucky?

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