Looking for an AddOn to be made

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Looking for an AddOn to be made

Post by Siigari » September 26th, 2012, 7:45 pm

Hey everyone! I've never programmed an addon before, but I am hoping I could enlist somebody to make one.

So far from what I can tell, Pets gain HP, Power and Speed in a very predictable fashion. It is dependent on their starting level 1 stats. What I am looking for is a program that can quickly break down the values of a Pet while you are in a battle, or in your Pet book.

Ideally it'd be like this. When you get in a battle you can hover over the enemy pet and it will tell you what its current stats are, and it will break it down in parenthesis as to what it gains per level. Then there would be an additional box that might appear below it presenting its level 25 stats. This would be a great way to start competitive collecting without having to run to the calculator every time a rare pet appears.

Anyway, this'd be great! Let me demonstrate a quick example of what this may look like.

Main box:

Azure Whelpling (Dragonkin)
Level 10, Rare
652 HP (+55.2)
123 Power (+12.3)
104 Speed (+10.4)

Sub box (Smaller):

At Level 25:
1480 HP
307 Power
260 Speed

This would be ABSOLUTELY fantastic! It'd also save every pet in a database so we can see what the possible combinations are. There are varied stats for every pet! I hope we can make this happen. If anybody has any questions, please let me know.

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