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Level from 1-25 in six battles

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Level from 1-25 in six battles

Postby Bammboo » June 10th, 2013, 12:50 pm

I mentioned this in guild chat this A.M. and it was suggested I post how to do this as I do it everyday of the week to get another pet to level 25. Not to mention I'm sure there are others here with as good or better of a strategy for this or suggestions to improve on what I'm doing.

First fight is always Thundering Panda spirit using a level one of your choice plus Scooter the Snail and Son of Animus.

Fight starts every time with elemental rooting you so it does zero damage.
Second swap in Snail and hit it with DoT.
Third Dive and pray it hits.
Fourth spam your bite ability , forgot the name but not the healing one.

Second fight, you sometimes get to hit the slime once before dying and sometimes he one shots you before you can go. This can make or break the fight at times but usually you can get one hit in.

Bring in Son of Animus , shield first then just fight it out but be sure to NOT use shield again and only heal one time early in this fight as you must save them for early in the last fight.

Third fight is against the rat who hits hard. He always opens by putting up a shield so hit him first round. Second round he burrows so this is where you have to be ready with your shield to put up.

He surfaces for big damage and you can either heal this one if its up or hit. Just be ready to use the heal on the third or fourth round each time. His fourth hit he usually kills you , you rez and can generally finish him with that last hit.

First fight while wearing your pet hat will take you to level 11.

Next fight is the one in Blossom zone right next to the lake. The one with the lightning dragon.
I use clockwork gnome and DM rabbitand of course the pet you're leveling.

Again I usually take the pet your leveling and have it go first against the cricket then swap it out as it's first round on stamped is weak.
Next its rabbit time with burrow and then spam the bleed (DoT). DO NOT USE DODGE as you have to have it ready for the next fight as well as your burrow being refreshed so only use it the one time.

Lightning dragon is next. DM rabbit I'm using isn't S/S but it is fast enough to go first which is key as you Dodge, DoT, Burrow[b][/b]. Sometimes you get one more hit in but most of the time he kills you after the burrow.

Next is clockwork gnome with Turrets and possibly one punch to the face to make quick work of the dragon.

Third fight is against the Otter who always dives on opening. Turrets will hit when he surfaces as well as you punching him. Key here is making sure you get off the second turret ASAP which should be ready after he surfaces.

This fight takes you to Level 16[b].

Next fight is in Valley of four winds. I use [b]Magic Crawdad, and Son of Animus plus your pet that is now level 16.[b]

Magic crawdad goes first and fights the sunflower elemental. Key here is to keep up whirlpool and spam your Stream ability. It is NOT necessary to shield on this fight as it really never hits. Just keeps healing.

Second fight is against turnip. Here you want to whirlpool first round, then he dives under for 2 rounds. Second round you [b]Shield[b] as this will pretty much negate all damage he does while under ground. When he surfaces you again spam Stream and whirlpool when ready. Very easy 2 wins with Magic Crawdad.

Last fight start with leveling pet then swap out to Son of Animus for easy win.

Now you are [b]level 19

Fourth fight is in Karasang Wild by fishing village. I use Son of Animus and Crow plus your level 19 pet.

Start with Son of Animus here and open with a punch. Second round the worm burrows so shield yourself here then finish the fight easily.
Second round here is most difficult as the flyer is tough to control with these pets but doable. I've found opening with my level 19 is best then going back Son of Animus. Crow is almost always needed to finish this fight but it's faster and wins easily.
Third fight is against the aquatic turtle which is an easy win. He will hit and make it so you can't swap out so be sure you don't wait to get your crow in as he will make quick work of the level 19.

This takes you to level 21

Fifth fight I go to Water Elemental trainer. I use Imperial Eagle and DM rabbit.

This fight can be a bit tricky as there are two that spam a wave that hits the whole team and can just wreck your back line and kill your leveling pet fast if not careful.

First fight is easy with Eagle using slicing wings twice then Lift-off and that is usually the fight. Three hits for the win and you shouldn't be touched.

Second fight I use the DM rabbit.
Rabbit will burrow then spam the bleeding DoT but like the second trainer DONT USE YOUR DODGE yet.

Third fight is the water elemental. He always starts with two indirect abilities with whirlpool and Geyser so I open with the leveling pet to get credit then back to rabbit. Rabbit has to be ready to dodge the first two whirlpool and Geyser then start in on trying to take him down ASAP. Your eagle is still alive here and able to finish the fight if needed.

Your pet is now Level 24.

Sixth and last fight I go to the Fire Elemental trainer but any of the others will work just fine here. Really no strategy as the level 24 will hold its own here for the most part.

You are now Level 25!

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Re: Level from 1-25 in six battles

Postby Rakrath » June 10th, 2013, 2:59 pm


thx for your sharings, but i would also like to highlight some stuff here:


and especially this post:

there u will find the necessary caps to level ur pets.

Plz take note that this was made before 25/50% food ;)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaave fun

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Re: Level from 1-25 in six battles

Postby Bammboo » June 10th, 2013, 3:07 pm

Thanks for the heads up on those posts.

What is 25 and 50% food? Not sure I've heard of this.


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Re: Level from 1-25 in six battles

Postby Dash » June 10th, 2013, 4:09 pm

Bammboo wrote:Thanks for the heads up on those posts.

What is 25 and 50% food? Not sure I've heard of this.


25% xp for your pet (which you technically have to cast on a pet like a treat, but it puts a buff on you, for one hour) have dropped for me from BoF dailies bag, the 50% xp from the weekly pvp bag.

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