Effective Locations?

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Effective Locations?

Post by Outerheaven » April 30th, 2013, 11:33 pm

Hello, all.

I'm a new member here on WCP, and was recommended here by two people on the server I play on, actually.. I've looked over the site, checked the information for the individual pets, and learned quite a bit. I never realized the Battle Pet community was so tight and helpful. I'm greatly surprised and impressed all at once!

Now.. I'm a new addition to the scene of Pet Collecting and Battling.. only recently just started getting in to it. Picked up a Chrominius not too long ago, and have gotten that up to level 20. I'm really wanting to get more involved, flesh out my teams a bit more effectively, and catch as many of these little guys as possible. Now, here's the thing.. I know that I can get quite a good bit of pets from Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria.. but I'm not able to begin there just yet.. so, this is what I'm asking, because I really couldn't find anything that covered this directly.

My highest pets right now are as follows:
Chrominius : Level 20.
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry : Level 18.
Core Hound Pup : Level 17.

The above three are all rare quality. I also have:
Anodized Robo Cub : Level 16 (Common).
Nether Ray Fry : Level 12 (Rare).
Cheetah Cub : Level 12 (Rare).
Fawn : Level 11 (Rare).

I have a few others, but none any higher than 16. Now, my question is quite simple.. With my highest three, where should I be focusing on leveling them up, so that I can gain access to the rest of the areas to pick up some more awesome pets? Any assistance or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Note to Admins: I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. I didn't really see a forum specifically labeled for leveling advice, so I thought this was the next best place.

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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Dakaf » May 1st, 2013, 1:10 am

Personally, I'd stick around Outlands for now. Hunt around for rares, and level up the pets. Once you get all three to 20 or 21, head on over to Northrend. The best thing you can do when hunting is to go into the pet journal and in the search box type the zone you're in. If any of them have only that zone as a location, you definitely want to try to get it before you move on. The first three to 25 is the hardest part. After that, you'll level up a bunch really quick!

When the collection grows, you'll get the Celestial Dragon. It is a very good all around pet. I'd suggest leveling it up after your first three. I used it as a major part of my team for a very long time. The combo of a basic attack, heal, and nuke with bonus to healing is very effective.

Good luck!
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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Maizing » May 1st, 2013, 2:39 am

I second the tip on the Celestial Dragon. It is one of the two I keep on my default (catching/leveling) team... along with a Terrible Turnip. I put whatever pet I want to earn xp in slot 1, then if I come across something I want to catch, I switch to the turnip after the first round, and if there is nothing I want, I switch to the dragon. I have found that a level 25 Celestial Dragon can solo most of what I come across with regards to wild pets... and the few it can't, the turnip can usually finish off.

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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Tiggindy » May 1st, 2013, 9:04 am

Looking at your collection, I'd suggest the following:
1. Focus on your initial team.
1.a. You've got a beast, a dragonkin and a mechanical. That's really the best set up to level first.
1.b. Catch your Core Hound Pup and Sunreaver Micro Sentry up to your Chrominus. Remember, pets don't get XP if they
don't participate in fights.
2. Hunt in zones with pets that are about the same level as your team. This way you fill out your pet list with new, higher
level pets, plus you advance the pets as fast as you can. Yes, you'll be moving around often, but it's more effective.
3. Once your initial team is 25, you can power level pets for beating the tamers.
Power leveling means putting a low level in for one hit, then swapping to the high level pet(s) to finish the fight. This
way the low level pets gets all the XP.
4. If needed, go hunt down specific pets to make your tamer teams more effective.
4.a. Get and level a Terrible Turnip. This guy takes a lot of the pressure off hunting for capture since
Weakening Blow won't kill a pet unless it's got some kind of self damaging move.

Once you've got a set of teams that can beat the dailies, the pressure is off. When you can beat the tamers, it's a short step to farming them for XP. And you can hunt for any pets you want to fill out your collection with adorable sidekicks. :D

Also, once you're at the power leveling stage, and don't have a lot of bandages, there's a few spots that are nice if you also want to work on specific types of stones.
Krasarang Wilds - Lots of high level beasts, some flying. Horde can hunt around Thunder Cleft, Alliance can hunt around The Incursion. Both spots have easy access to stable masters for pet heals if you don't have a lot of bandages

Valley of the Four Winds - Critters critters everywhere. Hunting around Halfhill there's easy access to a stable master.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms - Lots of high level aquatics. Not as easy access to a stable master.

Mount Hyjal - Where you first zone in there's a stable master, and lots of critters, flying and the occasional magic. But the pets here are only 21-23 rather than 23-25.

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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Restofarian » May 1st, 2013, 11:13 am

While you level ur pets:
Head to Shadowmoon Valley and get a rare Fel Flame.
Head to Hellfire and get a rare Flayer.

Combine those 2 with ur leveling team. Once u get them to 22-23, start battling in pandaria. Get some profession pets, specially the Jade Owl and Mechanical Dragonling. Stone them asap.

Also, work on trainer quests so u can unlock dailes asap, its the best source ox pet XP and the faster way to level ur pets.


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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Saasan » May 1st, 2013, 11:26 am

My recommendation is to follow the tamer quest chain. Once you beat a team, head to the next one. It should be about ideal for your level, and the pets you battle in that zone will be similar to the ones the tamer has. I recommend flying, beast, and mechanical pets for leveling as you run into tons of critters, beasts, and water pets. And remember it gets easier! The wild pets you catch already have a few levels on them, so once you hit 25 you'll have a host of little friends just bursting to hit max level, too!

For max level grinding, I highly recommend Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The striders and frogs along the shoreline spawn with only water pets, meaning if you have a flying friend to finish them off, you can power level a lowbie in no time. Happy leveling!

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Re: Effective Locations?

Post by Dragonwizard » May 1st, 2013, 1:03 pm

I would also recommend getting a P/P yellow moth. It's a vender bought pet for like 50s. So just buy one at a time till you get a P/P and then stone him as soon as possible but even as uncommon he is worth leveling and using.
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