OP's VS #'s

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OP's VS #'s

Post by Splintbane » April 25th, 2013, 5:51 am

does this sound plausible?

((So I am a sea-faring man and have been gone for the last 8 months unable to play wow, and only able to read internet forums!!Finally I will be returning and looking forward to the new pet collecting and pvp.))

Already read no rewards yet from the pet pvp but I am certain that will change in the near future, so better to prepare now.

The hunt for awesome team combo's; I also read a lot telling people to just get into the game and learn building your own teams and get better experience at pet pvp'ing itself, but in my case that is not possible yet and i don't want to spend forever looking for pets that will not make good pvp members; that way i have more time to level my in game toons as well.

One main question for people who pet pvp a lot: Do you notice certain pets, possibly OP (over powered) pets more often or notice beasts and critters more often in peoples pet pvp teams?

let me explain: there are 121 beast pets and 109 critter pets which dominate the mass numbers of pets from the other family groups so one would think that there are more of those in the "majority" of peoples pet pvp groups. As well because of the massive number of players that play wow and the majority of them prob don't look up how many pets belong to each family they prob just level and pvp with there "favorite" pets and determine if they do well or not. and of course if that's the case then I would imagine at least 2 of there 3 pets on a team would be a critter or beast (just because they don't think plausible).

on the other hand I have heard the Magical Crawdad, Emperor Crab (due to wish), and Anubisath Idol, and possibly Crawling Crawl common pets in pvp teams due to there good abilities.

So people who pvp a lot have you seen these specific pets more often then just pets from the beasts and critter family's or not? If so then it would make sense to me to build my team against the crabs and idol instead of beasts and critters.

Say im going to build my main team against beasts and critters then it makes sense to me that my team make up would consist of a Humanoid, Flying, and Mechanical. (mech for + dps to beasts, flying to + prot against beasts, humanoid to + prot against critters). the last in the equation would be take a beast for + dps to critters but other people doing research would be preparing against a beast anyways so taking a beast would be out of the question.

My ideal pvp pet team make up: Humanoid, Mechanical, Flying; with the abilities to beat the crawdads wish and the Idol.

comments and suggestions are appreciated, hope you could understand all my rantings..

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Re: OP's VS #'s

Post by Tekulve2012 » April 25th, 2013, 8:45 am

I won't claim to be a pvp expert but here's my 2cents...

Blizz has put nerfs to the bigger OP pets lately (FFFeline, Anub. Idol, the new rappies (20% reduced dmg to black claw coming)
also corrosion is being nerfed in 5.3 . They are trying to modify the racial advantages now too ... obviously they are feverishly trying to create a balanced playing field for pvp with the new reward (stunted direhorn) coming

All this as a backdrop to say that there are 2 kinds of pvp player: 1) the 'lets have fun and field a team of mixed pets and see what happens' and 2) hardcore people who will only use blizz store or tcg bought pets (often high stat and special ability pets)

I don't think you'll find any pvp players with just beasts and critters since the pvp rewards are for full max level teams and even getting 3 pets to 25 requires a bit of time.

There are good guides and links off this site to help you make teams with synergy.. if you have your own crawdad, he is useful but also look at double counter pets at :
..that link also helps you get a good look at your pets and their stat strengths
enjoy the pvp

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