On Pet Battle Healing

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On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Dementron » July 19th, 2012, 11:47 pm

Since I don't like running back to the stable master all the time, and I definitely don't want my little darlings
keeling over, I've been skimming through all the pets and their abilities looking to find good ways to keep my team
healthy. I thought I would share some of what I've found. (This ended up being way longer than I meant it to be.)
Of course, beta being beta, this could all change tomorrow. If there is interest, I will try to keep this post
updated. Please let me know if I've gotten anything wrong, and I'll try to fix it.

(For reference, the base power of a basic attack, such as Scratch, is 20.)

Group Heals

-Bleat: Heals 15 health for all team members, 4 turn cooldown. This is the most basic group heal. Bleat can
be found at low levels on most hoofed pets. Fawns (Fawn, Little Fawn, Gazelle Fawn, Winter Reindeer) are probably
the best low-level healers since they get Tranquility at level 2 and Bleat at level 4. Sheep and goats also get
Bleat at 4, but lack Tranquility (though at level 15 they gain Soothe, which can put enemies to sleep). The Giraffe
Calf also learns both Tranquility and Bleat, but it doesn't learn Bleat until level 10, and if it knows both spells
its only available attack is Headbutt, which has a 3 turn cooldown. Skunks can learn Bleat at level 20, and gain a
small individual heal and group buff in Perk Up at level 15.

-Rebuild: Heals 15 health for all mechanical team members, 3 turn cooldown. You'll find this ability on the
robotic poultry (Robochick, Mechanical Chicken, Mechanopeep). Good for mechanical themed groups.

-Inspiring Song: Heals 10 health for all team members, but has no cooldown. I've so far found this only on
the Singing Sunflower and several crickets (Grassland Hopper, Singing Cricket and Marsh Fiddler), all at level 20.
-Cleansing Rain: Heals 10 health for all team members and changes the weather to cleansing rain, 5 turn cooldown.
Cleansing rain reduces the duration of hostile damage over time effects by one round and increases damage done by
Aquatic pets by 25%. Found on the Sea Pony, frogs and water striders.

Transferable Heals

These single-target heals apply to the front pet rather than just the user, and thus can be passed on when switching

-Tranquility/Renewing Mists/Soothing Mists: Heals the front pet 6 each turn for 5 turns. Tranquility is found
on fawns, the Winter Reindeer, the Giraffe Calf, and the Emerald Whelpling. Renewing Mists is found on the Magical
Crawdad and many crabs. Soothing Mists is found on various plant elementals (Venus, Crimson Lasher, Ammen Vale

-Wish: On the next turn, heals the active pet for 50% of its maximum health, 5 turn cooldown. Found on the
Magical Crawdad (at level 20) and the Magic Lamp (the Horde version, the Enchanted Lantern, does not have this
spell, but the pets do not bind and can be transferred through the neutral AH). I haven't been able to test this yet
myself, but based on the wording it should still work if you switch pets on the turn after using it.
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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Dementron » July 19th, 2012, 11:48 pm

Self Heals

Here are heals that only affect the pet that uses them.

-Siphon Life: An undead attack that does 10 damage per turn to the enemy for 4 turns and, while active, heals
the caster for 10 health per turn, even if the caster has switched out. Since this ability targets the enemy, it will still apply if you switch pets, but will end if the opponent dies or switches out. This ability can be found on various undead, such as Lil' KT, Landro's Lichling, and the Infected Fawn. Leech Seed may work the same way, but I haven't been able to test it yet.

-Healing Wave/Nature's Touch: Heals the user for 30, 3 turn cooldown. Healing wave is found on turtles, frogs
and water stiders, while Nature's Touch is found on crickets.

-Cauterize/Healing Flame: Heals the user for 20 plus half of the last hit taken by the user. Healing Flame
has a three turn cooldown and can be found on the Crimson Whelpling, Onyxian Whelpling, and Wild Crimson/Golden/Jade
Hatchlings. Cauterize does not appear to have a cooldown and can be found on various demon or fire elemental types
(Gregarious Grell, Phoenix Hatchling, Lava Beetle, lava Crab, Molten Hatchling)

-Ancient Blessing/Perk Up: Heals the user for 20 health and increases the maximum health of all team members
by 5 per level (presumably of the user, haven't tested yet) for 10 turns. Ancient Blessing has a 5 turn cooldown,
and the buff lasts 10 turns (Celestial Dragon, Fossilized Hatchling, Pterrordax Hatchling, Crawling Claw). Perk Up
has a 4 turn cooldown and I'm not sure how long the buff lasts (skunks, Perky Pug, Lucky Quilin Cub). There may be a
second version of Ancient Blessing that only increases the user's maximum health and does not heal, no cooldown
(Proto-Drake whelp).

-Absorb/Consume/Death Coil/Leech Life: Undead attacks that deal 10 damage and heal 10 health, no cooldown.
The only difference here is that Leech Life doubles its heal when the target is webbed, and is generally found on
spiders and bats. Absorb is common among oozes. Consume can be found on maggots, crocolisks and the Zergling. Death
Coil is found on various undead.

-Consume Corpse: Restores 50% of the user's max health by consuming a teammate's corpse (each corpse can only
be consumed once). If you are trying to keep your entire team healthy, this is probably not an ability you want to
rely on. (Infected Fawn, Blighthawk)

-Plagued Blood: Deals 10 damage and plagues the target for 5 rounds. While the target is healed, undead who
strike that target are healed. (Haven't tested yet) (Restless Shadeling, Scourged Whelpling)

-Repair: The pet does nothing for two turns, then recovers most of its health on the third turn. Common on
mechanical pets (Clockwork Gnome, Deweaponized Mechanical Companion, Rabbot, Lil' XT, Landro's Lil' XT, Tiny
Harvester, Mechanical Squirrel, Rabid Nut Varmint 5000)

-Photosynthesis: Heals 8 per turn for 4 turns, 3 turn cooldown. Healing doubles in sunny weather. Found on
plant elementals and the Jade Tentacle.

-Plant: User plants roots into the ground, while planted the pet cannot be swapped. When the ability is
deactivated (I presume by using it again, haven't tested), the pet gains 10 health for every turn it spent planted.
Found on plant elementals (Crimson Lasher, Ammen Vale Lashling, Sinister Squashling

-Nature's Ward: Heal over time, errors in tooltip, need to test. Turns the user into an elemental while
active, which might make the user immune to weather effects (needs testing) (Fawns, Winter Reindeer).

-Devour: Deals 15 damage for two turns, 3 turn cooldown. If the enemy is killed by this ability, the user
restores 30 health. Common among cats, raptors and crocolisks. Also found on the Creepy Crate, Ravager Hatchling,
and Silithid Hatchling.

-Hibernate/Emerald Dream: A three-turn ability restoring 10 health the first turn, 20 the second and 50
health on the third turn. The pet cannot act or swap out during this time. Hibernate is a common ability for bear
cubs. Emerald Dream is found on the Emerald Whelpling.

-Buried Treasure: Self heal on 3 turn cooldown, error on tooltip. May be the same as Healing Wave. (Perky
Pug, Lucky Quilen Cub)

-Love Potion/Restoration : Restores 50% of the caster's maximum health, always goes first, 3 turn cooldown.
Peddlefeet gains the Love Potion ability at level 20. Mini Tyrael gains Restoration at level 20.
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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Dementron » July 19th, 2012, 11:49 pm

Racial Bonuses

-Humanoid: Humanoid pets heal 5% of their maximum health every time they hit an enemy. This can proc multiple
times in one turn, making multi-strike attacks advantageous for humanoid pets.

-Mechanical: When a mechanical pet dies in combat, once per battle it will revive at 25% health.

-Undead: When an undead pet dies in combat, once per battle it will revive at 1% health, and cannot be
brought below 1 health for 1 turn.

Weather Bonuses

-Moonlight: Increases Magic damage by 25% and healing by 50%, lasts 10 rounds. Moonlight is caused by the
abilites Moonfire (Moonkin Hatchling, Emerald Whelpling, Celestial Dragon, Nether Faerie Dragon, Sprite Darter
Hatchling) and Starfall (Celestial Dragon). Moonfire deals 10 magic damage. Starfall deals 5 Dragonkin damage to the
enemy team as well as healing 5 health for the user's team. Both have a five turn cooldown.

-Sunny Day: Increases maximum health of all pets by 100% and healing by 25%, lasts 10 rounds.
Caused by Illuminate (Lunar Lantern, Festival Lantern, Enchanted Lantern) and Sunlight (Singing Sunflower, Terrible Turnip). Illuminate deals 15 magic damage. Sunlight deals 5 elemental damage to all enemies and has a 5 turn cooldown.
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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Daniboone » July 20th, 2012, 10:15 pm

Major quicker healing...
Healing your pets only takes as long as a log out takes. I keep another toon sitting by the pet tamer in SW and when I need pets healed before my CD is up, I just log out, get her, get the pets healed and log back on the one out taming pets. Takes less than a minute to get it done.

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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Quintessence » July 20th, 2012, 10:51 pm

Pet Battle Bandages will also be available for the live version of Pet Battles. I think Mumper said they would stack to 5 and have a chance of dropping from the NPC quest/daily reward, Sack of Pet Supplies. I'm glad since some zones are huge and just don't have a stable master that's convenient to go to.
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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Dementron » July 24th, 2012, 8:58 pm

I finally got a rare Marsh Fiddler, and let me tell you, CRICKETS ARE THE BEST THING EVER.

Well, as far as healing is concerned...
Especially with Moonlight, which I read a while ago was supposed to be dropping to +50% healing (which is what I put in my post), but so far it's still at +100%.

(I named him Chester, after the Cricket in Times Square :D )

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Re: On Pet Battle Healing

Post by Shalura » July 25th, 2012, 11:54 am

I don't mind the limited tactical healing during battle. But I'm finding the limited strategic healing outside of battle extremely irksome. I don't think that pet bandages with a limited supply, that you can only get at higher progression, are any sort of answer at all.

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