Flayer Youngling's 'Focus' bugged.

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Flayer Youngling's 'Focus' bugged.

Post by Adorich » March 6th, 2013, 10:33 pm

I tested 103 triple Snaps+ Focus and 103 Triple Snaps alone. I repeatedly fought Lucky Yi, a beast fable. In 206 Triple Snaps, the ability never missed; however, it was dodged 5 times (4 with focus applied). Unlike 5.1, in 5.2 dodge ends your turn.

The average number of Triple Snaps using Focus was 1.84 and the average number of Triple Snaps without Focus was 1.93! Using Focus also extended battles resulting in a Flayer death due to the longer battle. If Focus was simply nerfed, we'd see
Triple Snap+ Focus average something like 2.3 attacks and Triple Snap alone average 1.4, but this is not the case.

Triple Snap appears to have a 100% hit rate. The "miss" component of Triple Snap comes from the number of attacks Triple Snap gets: 1 or 2 Triple Snaps are the ability's "miss." In 5.1, Focus guaranteed 3 Triple Snaps. Blizzard appears to have changed Focus to only increase "hit," which the Triple Snap ability does not need. This makes Focus basically do nothing.

With the reflection nerf and Focus not working, Flayer is rather bad. My Baby Ape, Chuck and Robo Cub will definitely see more action in 5.2.

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Re: Flayer Youngling's 'Focus' bugged.

Post by Formerruling » March 6th, 2013, 11:36 pm

I think it wasn't Focus that changed, but rather Triple Snap. Focus from day one has only been designed to to nullify -miss debuffs (Basically "Always hit/hit 100%" abilities should be read as "Hit chance cannot be lowered").

How multi-hit abilities worked before is the first hit follows normal miss rates, then each each next hit gets a progressively higher miss rate (Numbers are made up, but say 5%, 40%, 80% miss rate), and Focus was keeping each hit at the standard miss rate - 5%. All they had to do to break this functionality is change multi-hit abilities to not simply increase miss rate, but just do a "roll" to see how many extra hits you get instead.

This is consistent with their other change to no longer "hide' combat text in certain instances. Example: If you try to heal say with Renewing Mist and you are already at max HP PRE 5.1: You saw the mists animation and nothing else, POST 5.2: You get Combat text that says "0" amount healed. What they basically did before is suppressed the second and third miss, so you didn't say "Hit, Miss Miss" on your combat log, but they are no longer suppressing information so it makes more sense for the abilities to behave in the new manner.

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