Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

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Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Drterrific » February 19th, 2013, 5:33 pm

Here's my list, be gentle...

10. Own personal World Destroyer...his self heal and earthquake attack are ridiculous
9. Kun Lai Runt...his triple threat of frost shock, rampage, and the coups de grace make him a KO artist
8. Fel Flame...oh immolate combined with conflagration, combined with other pets with same attacks equals a pyromaniac's wet dream.
7. Perky pugg...just because
6. Pandaran Monk...only when I'm on my gnome. As a gnome lover I believe all battle pets that are active should TOWER over your toon.
5. Sporeling sprout...he's quick, adorable, and packs a mean punch with jab or charge.
4. Water Waveling...the one two punch of frost nova and ice lance is wicked powerful on mechs.
3. Panther Cub...rake + pounce + devour = one dead opponent and a panther cub at full health. Rinse, repeat.
2. Dark Phoenix Hatchling...this little ball of purple devastation has a heals debuff, immolation, laser eyes that are a near 100% hit on flying pets, and can rise from the dead at full health.
1. Spawn of Onyxia...the heals are decent but the scorched earth, lift off, and deep breath hit like low yield tactical nukes. This thing can easily take on 3:1 battles at the highest levels.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Formerruling » February 19th, 2013, 6:06 pm

In no real order:
Emerald Proto-Whelp - Just a generally good pet to battle with, large atk power (especially if the right breed), + shield + heal.

Disgusting Oozling - As a vanity pet the debuff looks unique, plus he is a good battle pet (there are Oozes with better breeds, but he works).

Tuskarr Kite - Cannot battle yet, but is a great pet to have out in town, as I don't have the ultra rare TCG/event pets. :)

Arctic Hare - Just happened to be the first rare rabbit I found in my journal when I heard rabbits were monsters, and I've used him ever since (Rabbits really were almost too good).

Lil XT - Besides the very funny bug when he was released that filled servers with annoying high pitched voices for days, he is a very solid battle pet used in a few of my strategies.

Worg Pup - Fairly terrible battle pet, but this little guy was at my side for 2 years on my first character since i got him in my ~50s.

Anub Idol - Just another great battle pet, which got even better with 5.2 (the "nerf" is a CD buff, and defensive pets in general are better now that burst was taken care of).

Winter's Little Helper - Compared to Water Waveling this is Human instead of Elemental, Blizzard instead of Nova, and Ice Tomb is better than Geyser. It lacks Tidal Wave for those niche fights, but it's a half-dressed gnome female so it wins :)

I know that's not ten but I'm tired.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Corah » February 19th, 2013, 7:07 pm

1. Clockwork gnome
2. Water Waveling
3. Spirit of Competition
4. Legs
5. Flayer Youngling
6. Strand Crab

Those are the ones I rely on daily for the dailies.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Yalina » February 19th, 2013, 8:00 pm

Darkshore Cub. My main is a hunter, the pet she's had since practically the beginning is a dark brown bear, so to get the mini pet that matches was pure, absolute joy. The fact that he's even useful in pet battles was an unexpected side benefit. Lil Beary is my default pet for everything.

Infinite Whelpling. In BC, I did a lot of 5 man dungeons. I ran Black Morass a lot, mostly for the bow (which was awesome) and the trinket, which would not drop. I handled the dragons that came out of the portals but ignored the tank, and took pride in an 100% shield when the last boss came out. When I got my Infinite Whelpling, I named him Unraveller after that trinket. If I'm not using my bear, I'm using this guy. Sometimes both.

Mulgore Hatchling. My bear wasn't my hunter's first pet. It was her second. Her first was a tallstrider. Unfortunately, Blackmore the tallstrider had to be set free due to tiny stables and his complete inability to be useful in a group setting. Steve the Mulgore Hatchling is a reminder of that so very early Blackmore. I spent an extraordinary (for the time) amount of gold to get him Alliance side almost as soon as a Tauren could have had enough seals to buy it. Steve was there for every raid in Wrath, and was there on our first Lich King kill. His abilities aren't that great battle wise, but I love him to bits. First battle stone went to him to make him the rare he is.

Spirit of Competition. August 2008. My main was 70, no one else was. My warlock was in her lower 60s, but didn't have her dreadsteed yet because I was waiting for friends to help me on the quest. I refused to pay for the epic riding when I'd get it free with the dreadsteed. There was a pet available from battlegrounds, and only for a short time. I knew nothing about PVP, but wanted that pet. I got it on my main with help from a friend, and then tried to get it on the warlock. She was put into the BGs with the max level toons, but still had only the slow ground mount. Much death. Much much death. Finally, I was put into an AV already in progress and we won while I was still trying to get to the boss. Come out and there's my pet. I stayed away from BGs on her for a long time after that.

Purple Puffer. Originally purchased off ebay to get my warlock to 150 pets before 5.0 hit, and then named Bubble to go with my disc priest, he was simply a pun and a companion. Then I started to actually use him in pet battles. Holy wow. Pump is awesome. Elementals just fall over. The Outland tamer became a joke once Bubble went after him. Ditto Major Payne.

Searing Scorchling. Getting away from the sentimentality with this one. He's just awesome. I bought him post Mists release off the AH, after failing to get him from the stupid satchel. Named him Magma (such a funny word. Magma). He destroys mechanicals. It's great.

Crimson Whelpling/Emerald Whelpling. Two staples of pet battle leveling. Crimson did a ton of damage and could heal himself, while Emerald tried to heal the rest of the team. Both were AH purchases from people who listed them for far too little. :)

Molten Hatchling. My chosen leveling team of Lil Beary, Crimson Whelpling and Emerald Whelpling ran into issues with the Searing Gorge tamer. I picked up a Molten Hatchling, named him Fuego, and put him in a team with the Scorchling and the Infinite Whelpling. Fuego, Magma & Unraveller were an unbeatable force whenever we came up against a mechanical heavy team. It wasn't until Northrend that one of those two teams couldn't take out the tamer.

Dark Whelpling. Bought this off the AH back in BC for about 200g. People thought I was crazy at the time to spend that much on a pet. Now I use him for Aki. As soon as Stormlash hits Call Lightning, Dark casts Call Darkness. That does extra damage against a dragon, and it removes the obnoxious lightning damage from my team.

It's not necessarily the top *battle* pets, but they're certainly my 10 favorites.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Tahsfenz » February 19th, 2013, 8:31 pm

Spirit of Competition - amazing all around pet. If I could have 3 I would. My first 25

Gillian Raven. Very powerful. Another go to pet for me. Eats aquatics for lunch.

Baby Ape. My second 25. He's just so freakin' cute. Love him.

Curious Wulvar Pup. Very strong pet. Eats critters for lunch and beats up dragons too. Vworked his way into my lineup pretty quick.

Phoenix Hatchling. I first leveled the dark Phoenix hatchling, but this one is definitely on the stronger side for an elemental. Beautiful model too.

Emperor Crab. One of my favorite battle pets. Strong enough to stand toe to toe with most enemies.

Sapphire Cub. Purely for looks. I just love the model.

Magical Crawdad. Love the model. Currently leveling him up.

Sprite Darter Hatchling. Eats flying pets. Fun skill set. Always liked the model. Wish my hunter could tame one.

Enchanted Broom. How can this NOT be on the list?

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Gwenolyn » February 19th, 2013, 11:40 pm

I use Kun-lai Runt, DM Zepp, Emerald Proto Whelp, Eternal Strider (I think that's what he is), Jade Owl, and Fel Flame the most.

I really love all my pets... except ones there are too many of, like roaches and rats. Hey Blizz, no matter what you call it, the Locust is still a roach... :lol:

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Deepfriedegg » February 20th, 2013, 11:04 am

Team that loses approximately 1 fight in 20 (PvP):
Fluxfire Feline (S/S)
Lil Ragnaros
Anubisath Idol

other favourites:
Scourged Whelpling (H/H): who cares that you are slow when you have a Tail Sweep hitting for 357 and your racial gives you two hits after being killed? :)
Rapana Whelk: for destroying Pandaren elementals
Fel Flame: To burn them up.
Kun-Lai Runt: for his lovely "Nuke&stun + Double nuke stunned" combo
Tiny Snowman: for his Blizzard + Nuke&Stun combo and how well he works with Runt
Nexus Whelpling: because Mana Surge during Arcane Storm is a win and who cares being slow when you have Tail Sweep.
Spawn of Onyxia: taking big hits is fine when you have Healing Flame. Also Lift-Off is a nice dodge-nuke combo and Tail Sweep because it is slow

And I think I start liking Grassland Cottontail (S/S): nicknamed "Hit me if you can". It is so fast that it almost always will have an extra Flurry attack (totaling at 280-420 dmg), almost always will have Dodge for two rounds and on top of that it can dodge another attack with Burrow and then nuke for 490. It eats all Conflagrate and Blizzard teams for breakfast.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Ysabell » February 20th, 2013, 11:37 am

My 10 most used pets with breed where there's options:

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
P/P Flayer Youngling
P/B Jade Owl
Anubisath Idol
P/P Emperor Crab
H/H Spirit Crab
Enchanted Broom
H/P Shimmershell Snail
P/P Nexus Whelpling
P/B Effervescent Glowfly

Most used pet in dungeons/LFR: Minfernal w/Biscuit.

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Re: Name your Top Ten favorite battle pets, in order

Post by Raptorbait » February 23rd, 2013, 7:46 pm

Emerald Whelpling - My first 25 and definitely my most often used pet in battles. I usually can power level a low level pet with him in the mix.

Emperor Crab - Named "Bane of Nishi" because he can easily solo Nishi and makes for another nice daily power level. (seven levels in one fight is awesome).

Landro's Lil' XT - Beast!

Pterrordax Hatchling - Death From Above.

Pandaren Monk - 3 round kill of the dragonkin.

Shrine Fly - Another great aquatic killer and that cocoon strike well timed is great against any strong attack.

Infinite Whelpling
Alpine Foxling Kit
Clockwork Gnome
Fel Flame

Ask me again tomorrow and a few of those will be different haha! :lol:

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