Tameable Pets

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Tameable Pets

Post by Annie » April 25th, 2012, 7:43 pm

These are the ones I found so far, that have green paws, please add to the list.

Kalimdor ::

Mulgore Gazelle Fawn by the Great Gate
Northern Barrens Cheetah Cub
Southern Barrens Giraffe Calf by Ruins of Taurajo
Ashenvale Rusty Snail by Blackfathom Deeps
Darkshore Darkshore Cub near the Master's Glaive
Hyjal Nordrassil Wisp by Nordrassil
Dustwallow Marsh Spawn of Onyxia by Wyrmbog
Thousand Needles Twilight Iguana in Twilight Withering
Un'goro Diemetradon Hatchling in Terror Run
Feralas Nether Faerie Dragon by Diremaul
Wintersprings ?
Silithus ?
Desolace ?
Azshara Turquoise Turtle in the Shattered Strand
Stonetalon Mountains Venomspitter Hatchling in Webwinder Hollow
Uldum Tol'Vir Scarab in Ruins of Ahmtul
Tanaris Silithid Hatchling (I can't find this one)
Teldrassil Crested Owl by Lake Al'Ameth
Azuremyst Isle Grey Moth
Bloodmyst Isle Ravager Hatchling
Durotar Creepy Crawly by Northhold Watch

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