More Humanoid Pets for Pet Battles!!1!

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More Humanoid Pets for Pet Battles!!1!

Post by Mortis_darkskull » April 15th, 2012, 4:17 pm

do you like humanoid pets?? I like humanoid pets X3

if you do like humanoid pets, than let's make our voice heard by blizzard...

how?? well, let's start like this:

first give your support on [url=]this thread[/url]... help me not to let it die... suggest some cool humanoid pets, or some awesome skills for them, whatever you think would make humanoid pets even more awesome X3

now if you have a beta key, make a thread about it on the MoP beta section of the official forums... for obvious reasons blizz is paying much more attention to that part of the forums than the general discussion part, but unfortunately I don't have a beta key so I can't post there :cry:

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