What I enjoy about playing battle pets & wish list

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What I enjoy about playing battle pets & wish list

Post by Sunderezz » November 9th, 2021, 12:16 pm

((the following opinions are not meant to suggest anyone else's opinions are wrong ;) ))

1. I enjoy, in the following order, pvp, collecting, & pve
2. Aspects of collecting I enjoy = wild pet battles, dungeons, the WOW store, the auction house, LOVE LOVE LOVE short quests leading to a new pet like cute lil gurgl
3. Pet pvp team building - this is very rewarding, the search for effective team compositions
4. The strategy of the game - so much to learn, so many amazing resources
5. Fighting a well balanced team (which does not equal 3 idols, 3 anomuli, etc. :roll: ) . . . even when I am losing I get a sense of satisfaction from the fight, and learn from the other player
6. Pets that have novel abilities
7. Pets that have internal synergy or synergize well with other pets
8. FAST pets :lol:
9. Pet Battle week - love this, how great to have it more often
10. Surprise goodies that randomly appear in my bags - stones and pets. REALLY LOVE THIS :) It makes me laugh
11. REALLY LOVE GETTING NEW PETS from events/hunts/trainer fights!!!!! Once or twice a year is ok, monthly would be amazing! This may be repeating some things I have already mentioned which is intentional
12. When a battle pet is part of a WOW game promotion
13. The new stone system as of Patch 9.1.5 is just great - I am clearing out my queue
14. I appreciate game developers playing attention to my favorite part of the game, in fact, the #1 reason I keep playing WOW
15. The community - both within this amazing site and spread across the web, people are incredibly helpful and have devoted so much time to making really useful resources to help learn the game

This list is by no means exhaustive, I will probably add to it as I think of more things.

WISH LIST (the top 3)
1. A more active & diverse battle queue.
2. Pets that are not so OP that they "strangle" the game (this means team composition options shrink in order to stay viable) and discourage people from playing ((SOLUTION? It seems to simple, well first, maybe not make pets OP? Yet if they must exist, limit them to 1 per account. Many other pets are limited in this way, for example Son of Sethe ))
3. More effective responses and/or reporting options when a player keeps making obscene battle pet names.

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