Pet breed and stat question

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Pet breed and stat question

Post by Evenuel » January 8th, 2021, 5:11 pm

Hey, guys,

Please help me, I can't get this out of my head...

I have two questions about breeds and stats.
I have analyzed the formulas from , tried to calculate and NO WAY I am getting stats that I see on a wild pet. But after I caught it - TADA, the numbers a fine!

So question number 1: does a wild pet have different formula for stats then a captured pet?? :shock:

And question number two - how the hell do we know the "base stat"? Because it is NOT a level 1 stat of any rarity.

I made an equation to extract the Base stats for Nexus whelpling pet (I have 3 rare breeds of him caught).
For example, I got 7,494 BaseSpeed stat for P/B breed.
But for other breads they are different!! :shock: :o (P/S BaseSpeed is 7,4806.. and P/P BaseSpeed is 5,4899)

So I don't understand this base stat thing at all.. It's not level one, it's not even basic for a pet as it changes.
And most importantly HOW do we get them? doesn't show this..
I have found this website but these "base points" are not what I get, and if I use them in the warcraftpets formula, it's not the stat that is true for a captured pet. So this page is not what I am looking for, I guess, or very outdated.

Can someone please please explain me these two things... I can't calm down :/

The reason why I started this obsession: our beloved Battle Pet BreedID addon still doesn't show breeds in battle, and I needed to know which one of my 3 rare male Nexus whelplings to release when I found a new rare in the wild, because I want to catch a female instead. The new 21lvl rare had stats that were nothing like stats in warcraftpets...

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Re: Pet breed and stat question

Post by Cparle87 » January 8th, 2021, 11:52 pm

The stats a pet has in the wild are completely different from what they'll have when you capture them, likely to make it more difficult for us to farm the ones we want. The health and power stat will always be different. The speed stat, though, is usually correct. So look at that if you want to know if the pet you're looking at is the breed you want. Unless, of course, you're unfortunate enough to be hunting a pet with multiple breeds with the same speed stat i.e P/S or H/S.

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Re: Pet breed and stat question

Post by Gráinne » January 9th, 2021, 3:36 pm

Well, the stats for wild pets are not completely, randomly different, but as Cparle87 says, pets' health and power are reduced when wild - about 20% IIRC. I'm sure it's documented somewhere; I could find out if you really need to. That was intended to make them easier to capture in the old days. I don't think we need it any more, but it remains.

There is something going wrong with your calculation of Base Stats. You must have misunderstood something to get 7,494 as a BaseSpeed stat. Base Stats (for player pets, at least) are all somewhere around 8.

Each Species has three Base Stats - one for H, one for P, one for S.

The three Base Stats always add to 24. Well, they don't quite, and that's a sore point and a long story, but they nearly always do. So a pet might have half a Base Point less Power and a half a Base Point more Speed.
A Spring Rabbit has Base Stats 8/7/9
A Red Cricket has 6.75/10.5/6.75
Anubisath Idol has 8/8.5/7.5

God Bless the author of! He made a great site that was very helpful to me and others, but he stopped playing after the birth of his first child, and the site hasn't been updated in a few years, and the interactive features and downloads are disabled.

You can now find the Base Stats for any given species in the Excel Spreadsheet downloaded from XuFu's here: Only in the Excel Spreadsheet; there isn't room to show all the columns on the web page.

XuFu in turn gets the Base Stats directly from Blizzard's API. Blizzard run a web service where anyone can request that information here ... -data-apis

The Base Stats for a Nexus Whelpling are H: 8, P: 8.5, S: 7.5

For a Level 25 Blue P/B breed of Nexus then

Health = ((BaseHealth + (HealthPts / 10)) * 5 * Level * Quality) + 100
= ((8 + (4 / 10)) * 5 * 25 * 1.3) + 100
= 1465

Power = (BasePower + (PowerPts / 10)) * Level * Quality
= ((8.5 + (9 / 10)) * 25 * 1.3)
= 305.5

Speed = (BaseSpeed + (SpeedPts / 10)) * Level * Quality
= ((7.5 + (4 / 10)) * 25 * 1.3)
= 256.75

which, allowing for rounding, gets us to the displayed stats of 1465/305/257

P.S. I meant to ask what you mean by "Battle Pet BreedID addon still doesn't show breeds in battle". It does for me.

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Re: Pet breed and stat question

Post by Quintessence » January 10th, 2021, 1:33 am

It might be worth checking if your Battle Pet BreedID addon is outdated and in need of updating. There was a short period at the start of Shadowlands where the addon stopped showing breeds of wild pets during an encounter, but I believe that was fixed.
Feel free to browse through my pet collecting blog:

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