Lost all my Rematch info

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Lost all my Rematch info

Post by Harpooha » March 25th, 2020, 6:11 am

Had one of those minor disasters happen. Basically I kicked the electric cord out of the socket while playing. It wiped everything from Rematch in the process.

I thought I had backed things up. But when I started reading the tooltip, it merely copies the info and you have to paste it somewhere and save it yourself. Very sad since I had PvP teams, PVE trainer teams, Family battle teams and various others saved.

But in the spirit of making the best out of a bad situation, I actually find it invigorating. I was doing a trainer battle and realized that I had the right pets, but the wrong moves. I was actually able to pull it off anyway. Kind of fun to meet the challenge.

Anyway, remember to back up and SAVE your stuff. Thought I was bulletproof. Lesson learned.

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Re: Lost all my Rematch info

Post by Jerebear » March 25th, 2020, 8:16 pm

I find it easier to manually backup and I just occasionally make a copy of rematch.lua in WTF/Account/<account_name>/SavedVariables and I save it to a folder soemwhere.

Alternately if you just experienced a loss of teams, if before logging off again you go to that folder, there is often a backup file for it in the directory you can try, but you need to copy it before logging out. Then you can copy it back and try it out and see how recent the backup is. Once you log off, all bets are off though.
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Re: Lost all my Rematch info

Post by Uduwudu » March 27th, 2020, 1:16 pm


Strange ... although I have never used REMATCH, it had been for a long time one of my concerns about losing information, and I think it was my old roomie (high level security code expert) that suggested that the bad side of a lot of software was the fact that they never were very good about saving anything ... after all ... (he said!) many high level geeks love to say that most folks are stupid ... and don't know how to save/do anything!

(I got him back too!!!! Played a piece of music until he promised to behave .... and finally told him who it was ... mean old mustard, I am!!!)

In general, my backups are a second machine on the network, and several folders are copied over ... and then if I want more, I just rip a CD of it.

One last item ... I only allow ALL MY PROGRAMS to save ANYTHING in one folder/area ... I don't want to be looking for information from 32 different programs from here to Timbuktoomuchcrap .... but this is a problem with an ADDON that only saves its own files ... I have requested that Rematch, and a couple of others allow you to select a folder for saving things, but in the end ... the response is usually ... the same ... NOTHING!

PS: Due to my bad eye sight (at 69 what do you expect? Flowers? Good luck!) ... I have on my desktop a notepad file with a slight list of the major pet battle dailies ... and while flying there I bring them up ... there are other options, and sometimes I use them but for this example here I did not post alternatives ... perfect example is Ashlii and Squirt ... at least 10 viable options each!

Defeat Burly
Benax 2-2-1
any Frog with Swarm of Flies and Tongue Lash
Defeat Captain Hermes
Ikky 2-1-1
Foulfeather 2-2-1
Any flying to finish
Defeat Chitara
All Moth Balls
Fungal, Grey, and Silky Moths (Fastest)

And some fights are easy ... you search for Bonestorm, and there is your trio ... or another you search for Fish Slap and there is your trio ... and so forth ... and BTW, it does help if you have 600/700 different (no dupes) pets, because by that time you have a sizable majority of the pets needed and used.

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