Power Leveling Pets?

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Power Leveling Pets?

Post by Niaabi » January 15th, 2019, 9:00 am

Hi all,

Is there such a thing as power leveling pets any more? I recall there was a place in WoD where you could level a pet from 1-25 pretty quickly - is this still a thing?

I haven't leveled any pets for a long time now and would like to get some more to max level so I can do the celestial tournament :)


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Re: Power Leveling Pets?

Post by Gráinne » January 15th, 2019, 9:47 am

Legion Family tamers, when their World Quests are up, are infinitely repeatable, so you can get more-or-less the same XP as Squirt from them. And every day, it is pretty sure that at least one of them is up. It's not quite as good as a permanent Squirt, because some of them are slower, and you will need bandages instead of having the heal beside you, but it's close. And it's all the time.

And because at least one of these tamers is pretty much always available, you can pig out on pet week with the Squirt-level XP times 3, every day of every pet week. I see Sir Galveston is up in both NA and EU right now, according to Wowhead. (Hm, thats pretty rare. Wonder if Wowhead have that right.)

Nyari suggested this order of speed/easiness for levelling: Squirt > Odrogg > Galveston > Bodhi > Tiffany > Robert > Andurs > Xorvasc > Grixis > Jarrun > Amalia > Aulier > Varenne > Merayl > Bredda but I'm sure you will have your own preferences. I levelled a dozen or so new-ish pets with Odrogg in about a quarter of an hour last pet week. And that with 3X XP is available every pet week, as well as every week with regular Tamer XP - no more waiting for SuperSquirt a couple of times a year!

https://wow-petguide.com/ has any strats you might need for them.

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Re: Power Leveling Pets?

Post by Uduwudu » January 26th, 2019, 9:49 am


I must have gotten lazy in my old age!

I do Squirt once a month (when she's on!), and Ashlei more or less every other day or when I have a new pet. Now that I am way up there over 900 ... it's like new pet? ... so what?

In general, I rely on Ashlei, Squirt and the Murlocs (several characters leveled so I can do it like 10 or 11 times!) to get halfway and the rest I just use the stones.

On my daily battles, I also do all the ones that give stones.

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Re: Power Leveling Pets?

Post by Escalus » January 26th, 2019, 3:36 pm

I still use Ashlei, Vesharr, & Taralune, (& occasionally Cymeri(sp?)) to level pets. As the first two are uber easy, so i'll switch between leveling a different pet and use Taralune to get another further up, and go to Cymeri for the 2nd pet if i'm feeling lucky that day.

I suppose you could even use the Pandaren Water Spirits for the ones above 10-15 accordingly. If you want to level as many as you can. Maybe level 1 on Ashlei, another on Vesharr, and a 3rd on Taralune. Then travel to MoP to battle the P. W. Spirits. Depends on how much time you have I suppose.

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