This Pet Can Not Be Swapped

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This Pet Can Not Be Swapped

Post by Uduwudu » August 29th, 2018, 9:23 am


Thought I would mention one of the tough things (sometimes) when trying to cage a new pet ... and a couple of the new pets are somewhat smarter and use this spell (Sticky Goo and others), too hold you down.

It looks like it will make it hard to cage that one, since you can not swap to do less damage, and be able to trap it ... so the option becomes to take it down, or just let your pet die, and the next pet does the work.

One frog, had Dive and the Bubble, and I think the Sifter, or the Hermit Crab, had one of them Goo spells that would go 5 rounds.

My thoughts are that at least Pet Battle shows you the spells, and if I see it, I'll swap before anything if I can.

Have only lost one pet that I wanted, but no worries ... I do not "wait" for RARE's to show up ... I take that PS or SS right away and use the stone to turn them Rare ... much faster and easier, and in the process, my level 23 got leveled on the way to 25.

I suppose that it makes you think a wee bit ... not just use your favorite and think that it will take them all down ... the Aquatics and the Flyers (Honey Bee specially) are much better in their spell use.

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