Conduct of moderators at WCP discord

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Conduct of moderators at WCP discord

Post by Rosqo » August 1st, 2018, 2:02 am

I’d like to bring to the attention of everyone here that the mods on this discord are the most insulting and vulgar players I have come across. Swafty hit me with a tirade of spiteful and distressing abuse before instantly blocking my post, which stinks of cowardice to me. I was also spoken to by Meggle in a similar condescending tone and hurtful tone.

I have been given no explanation why I was reprimanded and the three strikes policy was ignored. The matter in issue was deliberately deleted by on of the moderators as it full backed up their baseless argument.

Quintessente can you please directly message me as I feel the members or your discord are not behaving in an appropriate way. I don’t want Swafty to contact me as he couldn’t add anything constructive or positive to my grievances and would likely give me a tirade of abuse.

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Re: Conduct of moderators at WCP discord

Post by Quintessence » August 1st, 2018, 2:27 am

Locking this thread as it is off topic and not appropriate. Discussion of any disciplinary or administrative action should be handled in private.

Feel free to send me a private message in Discord if you wish to discuss it further.
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