7.3 Breed Choices: RWL V Cuteaclysm

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7.3 Breed Choices: RWL V Cuteaclysm

Post by Gráinne » September 3rd, 2017, 8:56 am

I just did my first pass at the raids, and, looking at the pets, these are my first thoughts on what to aim for.

Some pets have only one breed, which makes the choice easy! :)
[pet]Cinderweb Recluse[/pet]
[pet]Corrupted Blood[/pet]
[pet]Unstable Tendril[/pet]
[pet]Zephyrian Prince[/pet]

[pet]Blazehound[/pet]: I'm conflicted between the 276-speed P/P and the 305-speed S/B. Right now, I'm thinking that the force-swap [ability]Retrieve[/ability], and the choice between [ability]Magma Trap[/ability] and [ability]Puppies of the Flame[/ability], and the damage reduction of [ability]Bark[/ability], favours S/B.

[pet]Bound Stream[/pet]: S/S. The 341 speed is too good to give up for an extra 5% damage in the S/B.

[pet]Discarded Experiment[/pet]: H/P. The only other option is H/B, and since it's slow either way, it brings no significant compensation for the lost stats.

[pet]Faceless Mindlasher[/pet]: I'm really having trouble seeing where I could use this. I don't see a reason to take [ability]Uncertainty[/ability] over [ability]Inner Vision[/ability], and I'm not sure why I would use either of them when it has no way to set up a 100% chance [ability]Worst Fear[/ability]. The P/S 297-speed Illusionary Barrier might come in handy somewhere, but it's not compelling.

[pet]Faceless Minion[/pet]: H/S and P/S breeds are only 281 speed, and [ability]Forboding Curse[/ability] will reduce even a 333 speed opponent to be slower than a 252-speed P/P, so I'll take P/P, with the thought of using the [ability]Void Portal[/ability] at an appropriate moment while the opponent is slowed.

[pet]Infernal Pyreclaw[/pet]: The moveset is quite plain. I'm thinking P/B. H/B and S/B are the other options, and S/B is only 289 speed.

[pet]Surger[/pet]: A really fast pet - H/S is 322 and S/S is 357 - featuring [ability]Surge[/ability] is too much of a good thing! I don't see [ability]Stone Rush[/ability] and [ability]Body Slam[/ability] as viable choices: if you want to do that, there are many other more suitable Elementals to choose from. That means the extra health is likely wasted, and getting your [ability]Stoneskin[/ability] down first is going to be worth more. Overkill of speed or not, S/S it is.

[pet]Twilight Clutch-Sister[/pet]: Speed would be great for [ability]Phase Shift[/ability] or [ability]Prismatic Barrier[/ability], but its fastest breeds, S/B or P/S, are only 289. [ability]Tail Sweep[/ability], on the other hand, benefits from being slow. I'm having a hard time with this one too. I think I'd split the difference with a 273-speed P/B breed.


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Re: 7.3 Breed Choices: RWL V Cuteaclysm

Post by Peanutty » September 3rd, 2017, 3:43 pm

I agree with most of these, though I did swap my S/S Surger with someone for a H/S as mechanicals, the favorite prey of elementals, tend to be on the slow side. I can always swap back again if I change my mind.

I went with a P/P Blazehound just for sheer damage. 305 just doesn't feel like enough speed for me to want the speedier build. If there was a P/S option instead of S/B I might have gone with that instead.

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Re: 7.3 Breed Choices: RWL V Cuteaclysm

Post by Rosqo » September 3rd, 2017, 4:37 pm

Pretty much spot on with all.

My preference is for blazehound at 305 speed.

Bound stream s/s, pyraclaw p/b, and faceless minion p/p are others where I'd ensure I had those specific breeds.

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Re: 7.3 Breed Choices: RWL V Cuteaclysm

Post by Mokrath » September 4th, 2017, 2:10 pm

Thanks for this post OP, exactly the information I was looking for all in one nice neat place.
Makes it really easy to decide which ones I want to keep farming for better breeds.

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