Tiffany Nelson: all Critters

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Tiffany Nelson: all Critters

Post by Saasan » October 9th, 2016, 3:34 pm

I pride myself on finding my own teams for the Family Familiar, but I didn't even bother testing anything on Tiffany Nelson 'cause yikes that Jinx. Anyway, I found a strategy so good I decided to share, and it doesn't take any "rare" pets! (All credit to Xu-Fu on ... &s=220&a=1)

Pets are any Rabbit, Snail, Fawn. I recommend not picking a S/S rabbit--take something with more health. I believe that breeds don't matter for the other two, but I haven't tested. Moves are Rabbitt: 2,1,1 Snail: 1,1,1 Fawn: 2,2,1

Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush
Flurry until dead

(switch to snail)
Acidic Goo
Ooze Touch
Ooze until dead

(Acidic Goo, snail dies next round)
(switch in fawn)
Nature's Ward
Hoof until dead

Ta-da! Tiffany defeated and you can now use your bandages for something other than your tears. ;)

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Re: Tiffany Nelson: all Critters

Post by Klaital » October 11th, 2016, 10:36 pm

I did that today too with critters, from what I recall I used two rabbits (snowshoe rabbit and tolai hare), and a rapana whelk. Started with the slower rabbit, (snowshoe) dodge, flurry, flurry, burrow, then flurry until the rabbit dies, then bring in the snail and one ooze touch should finish off the spider, then shell shield and ooze touch until the moth turns itself to elemental, then dive, after that just keep shell shield up and spam ooze touch until the moth dies, then against marshmallow one dive is all you get off before the snail dies, then finishing off with the tolai hare which is faster than marshmallow, there just spam flurry until marshmallow uses prowl, then dodge and spam flurry until the cat dies.

After that did her again with dragons... and my p/p dream whelpling soloed her whole team easily... that was kind of underwhelming. :p

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Re: Tiffany Nelson: all Critters

Post by Retraf » May 24th, 2017, 8:04 pm

Brilliant, thanks so much for sharing! I never would have used the Fawn

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